Graz Attractions Guide

Major Attractions in Graz: 1. Exploring the Old Town Graz This is a must-see for every Graz tourist. You may begin your tour through the 17th century houses in the main square. Then you could head off to Herrengasse Street, where an ornate Renaissance palace is found. This is called the Landhaus that was once the seat of their government. After that you can proceed to the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II that is next to the gothic style Cathedral of Dom. It would also add to the experience by visiting the castle of Burg. It has a rich Gothic style and its historical value dates back from 1438 when Emperor Frederick III had it built because his old castle was not too comfortable to live in. Another great thing about the Old Town is the churches and cathedrals. One of them is the Romanesque church known as Cathedral Domkirche. It stands as one of Austrias most outstanding ecclesiastical building. You can also visit the artificial island of Murinsel. This is actually not an island but a floating platform in the center of the Mur River. 2. Ruine Gosting Also known as the “Ruins of the Gosting Castle,” this is a hilltop palace situated northwest of the city of Graz. It was strategically positioned to control all the traffic of Graz and was built around the 11th to the 115th centuries. The castle offers a panoramic view of the city’s landscapes and great architectures. Tourists may enjoy the great view of the city as well as nourish their appetite with delectable food from the hilltop restaurant. 3. Riegersburg For all history fanatics, this is a great place to visit and experience a little of the city’s past. This place is a fortress built during the Turkish invasions. 4. Stadtpark If you want to sit and relax or walk around a nice environment then this is the place to go. Stadtpark is a large square at the center of Graz. There are fountains, statues and many paths to walk through and explore. 5. Schloss Eggenberg Otherwise known as the Eggenberg Palace, this castle is filled with rich and idyllic scenery in the gardens that surround it. The palace itself is probably the most significant of all Baroque architectures in Styria. Aside from the richness of the gardens, you can also take a look around the castle to see the 600 ceiling paintings in 24 state rooms. You could also venture into the Planetary Room where you will find the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac painted by Hans Adam Weissenkircher. 6. Herz Jesu Kirche This is the largest church in Graz. Visit this for a wonderful religious experience. 7. Graz Architecture The architectural styles of the many buildings in Graz show a lot of the old and the new ways of the people. You can see older architecture in the form of Baroque-style buildings and castles. There are also Gothic-influenced building styles. The more modern styles are also seen in the different streets across the city.


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