Innsbruck Attractions Guide

Now it’s time to get to know more about Innsbruck’s must-see sites: Hofkirche: this site contains the tomb of Maximillian I, the most notable emperor in the whole of Europe. Cathedral at Saint Jacob or Dom zu St. Jakob: this Baroque-style cathedral contains various creations of artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. After being damaged by an earthquake, the cathedral was rebuilt from 1717 to 1724 based from the design ideas of Johann Jakob Herkomer and Johann Georg Fischer. Schloss Ambras: this is a castle built in the renaissance period especially for Ferdinand II, an Archduke of Tyrol at that time. There are loads of interesting things that can be seen here such as a collection of portraits and armors, various art, curiosity cabinets, and the Palace’s garden. Goldenes Dachl or the Golden Roof: this is an alcove balcony from the late-gothic period which has 2657 fire-gilded shingles. This building was built especially for Maximilian I. Annasäule or the St. Anna Column: this column which dates back to 1706 is made from the best marble in Tyrol. This is in memoriam of the Bavarian troops’ retreat from Tyrol. Triumphpforte or the Triumphal Arch: this was created back in 1765 for the wedding celebration of Archduke Leopold to Maria Ludovica, a Spanish princess. At the Northern side of this building, one will be able to view a display of mourning themes from Franz Stephan of Lothringen. Alpenzoo: also called as the “Alpine Zoo”, this place serves as Europe’s highest situated zoo. Aside from specializing in Alpine animals, the Alpenzoo also contains various outdoor enclosures, terrariums, aviaries and even aquariums that boast of having the world’s largest collection of Alpine fishes. Another attraction of the zoo is a nice barnyard wherein old farm animal races can be seen. Entrance is free for those who have an Innsbruck Card. Anatomical Museum or the Müllerstraße: if you are interested in visiting this place sometime from October to May, it is required that you book a reservation first. What you’ll find here are various inventions as well as a detailed history of the development of anatomical devices from the early years. Patscherkofelbahn: also known as the Olympiaexpreß, is actually a skiing region located at the Southern Innsbruck. It features quite a number of timbered ski-runs from the former Olympic routes. During the summer, this turns into a great destination for hiking, especially along the forest line. Sillpark, DEZ, Cyta, and Rathaus: get your shopping fix from Innsbruck’s four most popular shopping malls or you can also check out a nearby village called Neu-Rum for various warehouses to score cheap goods.