Klagenfurt City Guide

Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia in Austria, is located close to Lake Worthersee. Legend has it that the city was founded after brave men killed a dragon living in the Moors around Klagenfurt which is locally referred to as lindwurm. The truth is that it was founded by duke Hermann who is a descendant of the Rhine Franco family about 800 years ago. Because of the magnificent works of Italian architects throughout the 16th and the 17th centuries, the main district has a southern atmosphere. There are over 50 well-maintained romantic courtyards and most of them are accessible to the public. Tourism breathes life into the capital. They have a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and shopping destinations. On top of the numerous parks in Klagenfurt, a visit would be worthwhile because of the different activities that can be enjoyed in the lake Worthersee. In Klagenfurt, most of the attractions are readily accessible by foot. They also have an extensive bus network that makes getting around most convenient. There are also options to hire a bicycle especially for those who wish to travel to western outskirts of the city. There are cycling paths along Lendkanal going to Heiligengesitplatz to the beach. The biking path continues to the northern shore of the Wörthersee all the way to Velden which is another town of interest. There would also be a lot of choices for a bit of entertainment. There’s Kamot for laidback entertainment where baguettes and sandwiches can be enjoyed with live jazz music. For a more upbeat choice, visitors can try CD-Cafe-Bar Pankraz. It is a cozy café in the afternoon that becomes an ideal evening destination. The bar would have weekend DJs who would be more than happy to play selections of hip-hop, house, funk, RnB and reggae. Discothek Bollwerk, on the other hand, is one of the few big clubs in town. House, techno and other eclectic music can be enjoyed there and they also have very cheap options for alcoholic beverages. For those who simply want to enjoy their drinks quietly, The Claddagh is the safest bet as word has it that it is the best Irish pub in town. There are organized tours for a better understanding of the landmarks and historical buildings. Visitors can choose from those that would last for less than a day while there are also walk tours that may take longer. They can also choose to customize the tours according to what they feel is most comfortable. Some of these tours are free and but there would be a need for reservations. There are many attractions within Klagenfurt just as there are neighboring places to visit. Lying in the south of Carinthia are the borders of Slovenia and Italy. On the other hand, the north has picturesque landscapes with rocky hilltops which also happen to be the home of many historical buildings. Just a few minutes drive from the lake would bring visitors to Austria’s most extensive excavations of Celto-Roman settlement in Magdalensberg. Visitors of Klagenfurt are sure to have a busy schedule because of the activities and destinations they can enjoy during their stay.