Salzburg City Guide

Located in central Austria, the city of Salzburg is near the German/Bavarian border. This city may be very familiar to you especially if you are a big fan of the classic movie, The Sound of Music. Most of its iconic scenes were filmed in this city. Just seeing the famous Salzach River or the Hohensalzburg fortress, may instantly give you a nostalgic feeling about this city and its colorful history. In spite of its small size, there is actually more to Salzburg than being the location of an iconic movie, it’s also Mozart’s birthplace, and so much more. As the fourth largest city in Austria – after the cities of Vienna, Graz, and Linz, the city of Salzburg is immensely famous for its beautiful baroque architecture and is considered as the best-preserved city centers in the German-speaking world today. Salzburg has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The name Salzburg means “Salt Castle”, it got its name from the various barges that carried salt on the Salzach river back in the 8th century. Human settlements in Salzburg started back in the Neolithic Age ‘till a Celt camp eventually settled in the area. In 15 BC, a small town called Juvavum was formed here but unfortunately, not much remains of this city anymore. The city’s fortress, called Festung Hohensalzburg was built in 1077 and eventually expanded in the following centuries. Later on, the city was able to secure its independence from Bavaria during the late 14th century. When it comes to traveling to Salzburg, you can easily go to different places by riding the autobahns from Vienna (Wien) and Munich, Germany. Just make sure to get the Austrian Motorway Vignette. As far as the price goes, it depends on whether you are going to buy a yearly vignette or a 10-day vignette. If you are going to attempt to drive around Salzburg though, you might be in for a bit of a challenge. This is because Salzburg’s road names are often written in small, traditional German fonts which can be a bit hard to read especially if this is your first time to visit the place. It is actually a lot better if you just opt to go around Salzburg by foot especially during the summertime. Make sure that you also keep tabs on the different StadtBus routes so that you’ll know which bus to take when you’re out and about town. If you’re going to be in Salzburg for quite some time, try to get the one-week ticket as you’ll get to save more money from it. A word of caution for those who are not used to taking the city bus, always remember to avoid the scheduled trips. This is because these usually go around several miles out of town and you’ll only end up having to take a taxi or make the long trip back on foot. So if you’re going around Salzburg at night, just go around by foot or take a taxi, it’s much less of a hassle that way.


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