Seefeld in Tirol Attractions Guide

Attractions in Seefeld: 1. Nature walks and great terrain For all nature lovers and walking enthusiasts, the huge nature reserve of Karwendel and the terrain leading to Achensee, is the best way to experience a beautiful day in this plateau. The walk is neither too stressful nor strenuous that even more senior folks and children could take this journey and witness the beauty of nature. It is ideal to walk in the summers, when the sun is warm but the breeze is light and the glory of nature wonderfully illuminated. You can see the picturesque view of the mountains as you hike and get to know lots of different people because the setting is conducive for some nice and easy conversation with the other tourists. 2. Cross-country skiing Seefeld has two main mountain areas great for both hiking and skiing. Cross-country skiing is a popular sport in this area and Seefeld prides itself of being the hosts of two Winter Olympics in two decades. There is the alpine skiing area that is small and perfect for beginners. There are also areas where the main skiing competitions like the Nordic World Ski Championships were held. Two separate areas can be travelled by either a ski bus or taxi. 3. Village Festivals Seefeld is a great place to hold festivals especially at night. Some festivals are themed, with candle displays and traditional delicacies served all around the village. There are live music for entertainment and games sponsored by the locals. Probably the biggest festival of all would be the Blumencorso or the Flower Festival. Thousands and people line up to get a view of the beautifully decorated floats that parade around the village. This is held around the first week of August and many tourists align their vacation schedule with the festival’s dates. 4. Craft Fair and Almabtrieb There are craft stands everywhere throughout the whole festival. It is a great way for people to see the craftsmanship of the locals and take with them some souvenirs to bring home. The Seefeld Craft Fair is actually held in celebration of Tyrolean handicrafts that promote an age-old tradition among the men and women of the area and a way for them to introduce it to the tourists. Almabtrieb, on the other hand, is a procession of animals brought down from the mountains and paraded all across the village area. The sheep are brought down at the first week of September, followed closely by the cows a fortnight later. It is an old tradition followed by the farmers in the village. 5. The Lake Church The Seekirchl is a church situated like an island in the middle of Lake Wildsee. It is a small, onion-domed church that was built sometime around the 15th century that attracted myriads of people to make that historic pilgrimage from their place to this village. The church is a definite must-see for all the hikers that will pass by the area. Visiting this church would definitely make it not only a historic but spiritual experience as well.


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