Seefeld in Tirol City Guide

Perhaps one of the best tourist destinations, if you want to stretch those leg muscles through winter sports, is Seefeld in Tirol. Seefeld is a quaint village located at the heart of the mountains of Austria. The whole place is surrounded by beautiful and panoramic view of the mountains and the vast landscape of greenery and sunny meadows. The breathtaking scenery as well as the charming and idyllic country setting makes it perfect for some much needed exercise of walking in the summer days and winter sports in the winter. Situated strategically in a plateau with other nearby villages like Leutasch and Mosern, Seefeld is actually in the borders of Inn Valley. This is probably how the village is linked to the trade routes coming from the Inn Valley all the way to what is now called Southern Germany. There is also a rich Roman influence in the place, and even up to this point, one of the schools is actually located in a place called Romerweg, translated as “The Roman Way.” The first documented history of the village was around 1022 when Seefeld was formerly called “Sevelt”. From a small village, they grew in size and number as it became more popularly known as the center of pilgrimage during the 14th Century. A guest house and a church known as St. Oswald Parish were built in the beginning of the 15th century to accommodate the growing number of people trekking their way towards the slopes of this picturesque place. Up to this point, you could see people enjoying the nature walks and hiking adventures to the green pastures of the said plateau. The Seekirchl, otherwise known as the Lake Chapel, is one of the most famous and historical destinations in Seefeld. It is located southwest of the village. The poignant twist to this picturesque place is that this church stood in the middle of a lake like an island, just as the name suggests. It stands there like a known emblem for the Seefeld residents. People love to walk around the area especially during the summers when the breeze is light and the sun shining brightly on them. There are many people from different walks of life taking their hike, so to speak, and the atmosphere makes it easy to meet and get to know some of these people. Cross-country skiing is also a popular form of entertainment for tourists in the winter. In fact, Seefeld has hosted the Winter Olympics twice because of the great terrain that is also accessible to the main facilities. There are restaurants and bars should you get tired from your skiing trip and enjoy a wonderful time relaxing or playing in their casinos. September is probably the best time for hikers to enjoy the environment here in Seefeld. You will experience a pleasant climate and an average temperature just enough to experience the exciting exploration of the place. Walkers are even given awards for walking at least 20km in a day. They receive medals and pins as keepsakes.


Seefeld in Tirol