Zell am See Attractions Guide

Attractions in Zell am See: 1. St. Hippolyte’s Church There’s a lot of rich history being told within the walls of this church. This is the oldest known building remnant in the region of Pinzgau. The church consists of three naves and is practically built in a Romanesque style. There are four steps that lead to the main altar however the crypt has already been filled in. The emphasis of this church is in its elevated walkway that has an ornate parapet that was estimated to have been built around 1514. The walkway rests are all carve columns from precious marble with an intricate net-vault. When you reach the tower, you will know that it is the focal point of going there. The tower overlooks the city from a height of 120 feet. The exterior walls are all built from limestone. 2. Schmittenhöhe If you love skiing, then you should really go to this place. The place is easily accessible by cableway and is considered to be the finest lookout points in the Alps. If you are not using the cableway and are walking on foot, the entire duration of the hike would be approximately three and a half hours. However, once you get there, the view is spectacular. It is an all-year round skiing in the mountains. There’s a hotel and the famous St. Elisabeth’s Chapel as well as restaurants to go to when you go hungry. You can also find lots of wooden art scattered across the area. These are the works of international artists and you will find numerous trails that would lead you to these works of art. 3. Camping Sudufer If you’re the outdoorsy type, then Zell am See also has a spot for you. Experience the beauty of nature through camping in Sudufer – a holiday paradise in the midst of untouched natural resources. The camping site was created in 1968 and is just around the south of Zell am See. It is great for family picnics and camping activities. You can go hiking, do mountain biking and other outdoorsy stuff you would like to do. And since this is near the lake, you can also go fishing as one of the main activities. 4. Swimming on the Lake Since the town is situated by the Lake, you can easily go swimming especially during the summer. Other water activities also include boat sailing and fishing. 5. Schuttdorf This place is just walking distance from the main town. There are many available and affordable apartments and hotel rooms to rent here. There are bars and restaurants also along the way, so you need not wait to get into the main square just to eat or shop. 6. The Farmer’s Market This is located at the main square and every Friday, at around 8 in the morning, they sell some local Pinzgau specialties that will surely make your mouth water. 7. Moreau in Kaprun If you are looking for some shopping pleasure, then this is the place for you. This place is a designer emporium that sells just about any designer labels popular in the market today.


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