Antwerp Attractions

The city of Antwerp is known predominantly for three things: chocolate, diamonds and shopping! In other words, this is a place where ladies would love to live in. Seriously speaking though, Antwerp has always been considered as a city worth visiting. Aside from the chocolates, diamonds and its extensive markets, the city is also known: to produce the best selections of local brews, have excellent architectural and historical treasures, and produce all that fine food as well. Fashion in the city is also considered noteworthy. And if that is not enough, Antwerp is also known as the hometown of the prolific Flemish Baroque painter Rubens (Sir Peter Paul Rubens,) whose works of art centered on sensual representations of allegorical and mythological subjects. Antwerp: A Brief History The historical Antwerp has a very colorful foundation. Settled in by Germanic Franks in the 4th century, it soon became part of the expansion efforts of the Holy Roman Empire. From then on, the former border province of Flanders, filled to the brim with glorious works of art and international commerce, became one of the richest cities in Europe. At the height of its popularity, the city was playing host to hundreds of ocean bound merchants who were trading in spices from the East and textiles from the West. This fact contributed greatly to the development of the city’s extraordinary cuisine and unique fashion statement. These days, Antwerp is still considered as one of the best and trendiest cities in the world. When to visit… Naturally enough, you are at liberty to visit the city during any season. However, it should be noted that Antwerp is at its best during the summer and Christmas seasons. The glorious weather during the summer months is the perfect time to visit the numerous parks and gardens of the city. Since the climate rarely reaches broiling temperature, this is also the perfect season for walking and cycling tours that can take you to some of the best architectural and historical sites in the city. Other daytime pursuits may include: visiting museums, visiting schools dedicated to the arts, and scouring the city for bargains and unusual souvenirs. The nightlife also usually reaches its peak during the summer holidays. On the other hand, the Christmas season is the perfect time to shop and just enjoy some of the quieter aspects of the city. There are also a greater number of food and drink festivals during this time so gourmets and gourmands usually flock to the city to sample (or gorge on) chocolates, beer and the local cuisine. Traveling in the city… Incredibly, you can get around in the city cheaper, easier and faster by walking from one destination to the other, or by renting a bicycle for longer distances. There are buses and underground trains too, but these would work better if you are traveling outside the borders of Antwerp. Trams and horse-drawn rides usually only run in specific areas only. There are also rentable cars and taxis to be had, but the prices can be very expensive. Besides, there are certain parts of the city where cars are not allowed, or that parking fees are too pricey as well. You should also remember that taxis could never be hailed from the streets here. You have to line up at specific taxi terminals in order to hitch a ride.