Knokke-Heist City Guide

Knokke-Heist is not just another Belgian coastal municipality. Situated in the province of West Flanders, it is at the most Northeast region close to the Dutch border. It is made up of the towns of Heist-aan-Zee, Knokke, Duinbergen, Ramskapelle, and Westkapelle. It started out as a marsh settled on by shepherds and fishermen. After building dikes around it, the land finally became suitable for sheep breeding and agriculture. A lot of power tug-of-war took place and/or utilized the peaceful place and these events affected it both positively and negatively. A port was developed, which boosted its economy; later on, it was devastated by floods. After being annexed to the Netherlands, the Zwin region now serves as a nature reserve and a border at the same time. Knokke-Heist could be reached by train from Bruges Station or Brussels and foreign countries via the Eurostar line. Every hour a train arrives and leaves. To get around the city, one could ride the tram or car. If the budget does not allow for luxurious accommodations, there are 3-star hotels that offer discounts at certain times in the year, most of them with an average rate of $121 per day. Shopping is not out of the question when visiting Knokke-Heist. Every week, there is one day in a region where a market for certain products is held. In Heist, a general market is held on Tuesdays from 8AM to 1PM at Maes en Boereboomplein, a square near the town hall and train station. In Knokke, every Wednesdays and Saturdays at Gemeentelein a market of vegetables, fruits, and flowers is held and at A. Verweeplein for cloth. Food lovers and adventurists would not be disappointed with the offerings of Knokke-Heist. The boardwalk is filled with quaint cafes and restaurants that would satisfy almost any craving. The most notable ones include Siska, a waffle house with a specialty of making heart-shaped waffles; and Opus 91, a relatively expensive French restaurant that serves gourmet meals and desserts inside an elegantly decorated infrastructure. For those looking for fun and enjoyment, every July there is a weeklong musical festival called the Kneistival. It takes place at the Heroes Square in Heist and features different bands local and foreign alike. On the third week of August, there is an international fireworks festival that takes place on Albertstraand. It starts on a Sunday and every two days thereafter for a week at 10 o’clock in the evening with different countries presenting, lasting for 30 minutes per day. These are the recommended seasons to visit Knokke-Heist.