Berlin Atractions Guide

Some of the famous attractions are listed below. Be sure to include these sites in your itinerary. Have your picture taken, pick up a souvenir, have a drink, take a bite, immerse and explore. After all you’re in Berlin. 1. Brandenburger Tor (a.k.a Brandenburg Gate) – standing at 26 meters above the ground with a width of 65.5 meters and a thickness of 11 meters, this structure has stood witness to troops who have marched and paraded towards and away from Berlin. Located at the Mitte district, it was built by Carl Gotthard Langhans for Frederick William II, the king back then. Modeled after Athen’s Acropolis, it certainly stands as an architectural monument that withstood time. 2. Gendarmenmrkt – This square has gone through several name changes including Esplanade and Lindenmrkt. It was finally named after Gendarmarie troops who were stationed here during the 18th century. Its main features are the Theater (Schauspielhaus) and two cathedrals: The French and German Cathedrals. 3. Pergamon Museum – Built during the early part of the 20th century, it is considered one of the oldest museums worldwide. The museum is actually a complex composed of five sections: Department of Antiquities, Folk Museum, Islamic Museum, East-Asia Museum and the Near-East Museum. Step into each of these sections and learn about oriental art, coin collections and Islamic culture. The Pergamon Museum is open daily from 10am to 6pm. 4. Kunsgewerbemuseum (Museum of Applied Art) – This museum has an interesting display of several applied art collections dating back from the Middle Ages to the present. Art Deco and Art Nouveau influenced pieces can be found here along with vessels and other artifacts fashioned from gold, silver, bronze, glass and ceramics. Admission is free every first Sunday of the month. 5. Musikinstrumenten-Museum (Musical Instrument Museum) – This museum has a display of about 500 European instruments that were played during the periods encompassing the 16th to the 19th centuries. It also has a library housing several archives on musical instrument photos and references. Other facilities include a mini concert hall, a jazz room and a café. 6. Havel River – Fancy going on a cruise? The Havel River has been a favorite site for sight-seeing, picnics and water sports. About thirty kilometers of its actual length flows along Berlin. Whether you choose to drive along the banks or ride the river steamer the views of the natural scenery are surely breathtaking. 7. Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) – An island 1.5km wide is situated within the Havel River. It is a popular venue for excursions with the family and friends. 8. Unter den Linden (Under the Lime-Trees Avenue) – An avenue lined with lime trees is perfect for short strolls. While walking, observe the several types of buildings stood along its streets. Each possesses different architectural aesthetics and unique stories to tell. 9. Treptow Park – Stroll along the park’s English style landscape and choose among its many attractions: Rose Garden, Soviet Memorial, Archenhold Observatory. Then grab a bite at the Zenner Restaurant, a few steps from the observatory. 10. Olympiastadion (Berlin Olympic Stadium) – originally built by Werner March for the 11th Summer Olympics (1936), it stands today as a venue for football matches and other major sports events.