Dusseldorf Attractions Guide

Noteworthy places in Düsseldorf that you really ought to visit are: * Altstadt or the Old City. This is a perfect place to shop in especially during the Christmas holidays, when everything being sold here is themed according to the season. Aside from the local Christmas pastries and sweets, you can only get Düsseldorf’s famous Christmas Alt brew, and a good number of traditional and unique merchandise. Be sure to shop around though. There are some merchants who offer the similar products at more affordable rates than other sellers. During other seasons of the year, the Old City also pays homage to some of the best architectural treasures in Düsseldorf. These architectural treasures include the Neander Church, the Rathaus (former city hall,) St. Lambertus Basilica, St. Andreas Church, the ruins of Kaiserswerth, and the castle tower of Schlossturm. The Old City is likewise the home of four traditional breweries that churn out Düsseldorf’s famous Alt Beer. These breweries are the: Füchschen, Schumacher, Uerige and the Zum Schlüssel. Walking, cycling and beer tasting tours are usually available year-round. For more nocturnal pursuits, you might want to check out the bars, pubs and beer gardens of the Old City. With almost 300 beer and wine-serving establishments in this area lined side by side, you are bound to find someplace where you can kick back a few with your friends. Aside from the locally made Alt brews, there are also a good number of internationally branded beers and alcoholic beverages being served. The food in the area is worth a try too. * Kom(m)ödchen. This is probably the best known cabaret stage in the city which has given the “famous” status to a good number of Düsseldorf-based acts. These days, the Kom(m)ödchen still stages various performances which may include concerts from bands and solo performers in different musical genres. Other concert venues you might want to go to are: Tonhalle Düsseldorf and Komödie Düsseldorf. * Rhine Tower Restaurant. Overlooking the Rhine River, a trip up the tower can give you a great aerial view of the land below – and you can get great tasting food and the best beer here as well. * Kirmes or Kilmes Fair along the river Rhine. For 9 days in July, this fair houses various amusement park rides, food stalls, beer gardens, carnival-like shows and fairground games. Amusingly enough, watermelons are sold extensively all throughout the fair, but you can always turn to the other food stalls for more nourishment. Fairground snacks are sold along with traditional German nibbles. And beer is usually offered with discounted rates. * Königsalle Shopping District. Known locally as the Kö, this is the best place to splurge a lot of money on some high fashioned merchandise. * Schloss Benrath, also called as the Benrath Palace. Built in the grandiose style of the Rococo period, this building actually houses the Museum for European Garden Art. Aside from the extensive art collections from German artists, the grounds also contain a park-like open area with manicured flower beds and a series of water fountains. The Benrath Palace is a designated World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.


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