Dusseldorf City Guide

It all started with the marshlands. A few Germanic tribes decided to keep a resistance going against the invading Roman army, creating a stronghold near the banks of the river Rhine. Then known as Düssel, the Germanic tribes quickly re-populated the area and soon, trade and commerce were booming here as well. A few centuries later, the marshlands were transformed into a flourishing city, filled with impressive architecture, artworks and its own unique culture. These features make modern day Düsseldorf a wonderful place to visit indeed. Situated at the very center of the Rhein-ruhr area, Düsseldorf is now famous for its extravagant and numerous social events, particularly those that center of fashion and trade fairs. However, the city is also quickly becoming globally competitive; so much so that it is now considered as the next economically important center of Germany – second only to Frankfurt. So when is the best time to visit Düsseldorf? Düsseldorf is a wonderful city to visit on just about any date on the calendar. Summer months here are balmy at best, while the winter season is rather mild with just a bit more rainfall than usual – especially in December. The seasons in between (except perhaps a few days in the month of June, when precipitation is rather high) can be considered as just the right climate for walking tours, cycling tours and the like. However, since the city plays host to numerous events, you might want to coincide your visit on a particular event you think you would like to engage in. Announcements of smaller events or “new” celebrations are usually made months in advance which can help you plan your trip to the city. As such, some of the regular social gatherings in the city include: Boot Messe (biggest and best boating and water sport event,) Christmas Fair (always held in Alstadt,) Düsseldorf Karneval (starts on the 11th of Novemeber and ends on Aschermittwoch or Ash Wednesday,) Igedo (showcases the newest line of fashion from local designers,) Kirmes or Kilmes Fair (which is held for 9 months during the summer season that showcases rides, good food and all the beer you can hold,) and various sports competitions. These trade fairs and other social events can usually pull in about a million people from all over Germany and beyond. Last year’s Kirmes Fair’s head count was estimated at 4.5 million already. Therefore it would be best to book hotel reservations in advance and arrive in the city about 1 or 2 days before the actual event. However, if you would rather not join the daytime festivities, Düsseldorf is the best time to party the night away. There are a very good number of beer gardens, cabarets, dance clubs, open bars and what-have-you that will surely cater to your style of partying. Traveling in the city will go a lot faster if you patronize the local public transport systems. Buses, tramways and subways are readily available. Taxis can be a bit pricier, and renting cars during your stay can be a hassle since traffic in the city can be a bit overwhelming.


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