Stuttgart Attractions Guide

Visiting Top Destinations Whatever the type of adventure you are seeking for the travel, Stuttgart has surely one to answer your travel demands. However, if you have the luxury of time, why dare miss these following top destinations? 1. Mercedes-Benz Factory. Who would have not known Mercedes-Benz? And if you happen to know it is in Stuttgart, will you leave the city without a glimpse of it? Surely, the Mercedes-Benz factory is one of the most popular attractions of the city. Aside from being boasted as the city’s favorite destination, it also gives job to 40,000 employees in 9,000 departments. All of these including their research and development are done here in the city. If you want to go there, you have to book for a slot in advance. 2. Technical Museum, Mercedes- Benz. This Mercedes-Benz museum is new to the public. This was only constructed just last 2006, boasting for its astonishing architecture. If you are not satisfied yet with the amazement brought about by the Mercedes-Benz Factory, then try the new knowledge that can be given to you in this museum. 3. Technical Porsche Museum. Aside from Mercedes-Benz, another world famous automobile, Porsche, is housed in this city. Porscheplatz, S-Bahn 26, and Neuwirtshaus are under this auto maker. 4. Wilhelma. Knowing that zoo is only ideal for the young ones, it is not the case here in Wilhelma. Its fine architecture and wonderful landscape can catch the attention of both children and adult. Indeed, this zoo is the king of all zoos, just like King Wilhelm of Wuerttemberg, the name where Wilhelma was taken. 5. Fernsehturm Stuttgart. In 1954 to 1956, this TV tower was on full operation. This is known in Germany because it is the world’s first TV Tower. It provides you with clear and beautiful views of the city. Located at the top of it is a fine café that serves fresh food and drinks. An entrance fee of only €5 is needed for the near-fairground ride in the lift to the top. 6. Theodor-Heuss-Straße. This is a very popular street for nightlife. Various disco clubs and good diners are open for all people. This is one place that party people love to spend the night out, especially on weekends. 7. Black Forest or Schawabische. This is just an hour and a half away from Stuttgart. Even though it is far, your effort will all be worthwhile. The way to this place is where you can see the largest falls of Europe. You can also see Triberg, a beautiful village at the heart of the forest. There is also a hiking trail parallel to the stream there. 8. Königstraße. This is another highlight of Stuttgart when it comes to shopping experience. It is a place that is uniquely installed in the long streets. Actually, the shopping center starts from the main railway station. 9. Planetarium. A project of Carl Zeiss, this scientific place provides good astronomical journey to every tourist. With all these wonderful places, the city still holds up into its motto saying “Stuttgart is more.” Indeed, there will always be a lot of surprises waiting for you in this city. Once you have experienced it, you will surely belong to the thousands of tourists who keep on coming back here.