Athens Attractions Guide

Places to Visit: The Acropolis The Acropolis in Athens is a magnificent remnant and was once a testament to the glory that was Greece and is still regarded as the most wonderful acropolis present in the whole world. Simply called the Acropolis, being the most notable among others in Greece, it is a structure made of standing rocks that look likes post which rises 150 meters above sea level and covers a vast area of 3 hectares. The Parthenon It is a temple dedicated to the patron god of Athens, Athena. It also houses the statue of Athena Parthenos. It was built during the 5th Century along the Acropolis. With its great architectural beauty, it is considered as the most important surviving structure of the Classical Greece. Its Doric style is considered one of the world’s best. The Parthenon, together with the buildings in the Acropolis today, was built during the time of Pericles, when Athens is regarded as the cultural center. It was not the original Parthenon, though; the older Parthenon was destructed during the Persian War. The finest Doric art was built under the direction of Phidias who also made the statue of Athena. Temple of Olympian Zeus or Olympieion It is a temple dedicated to the highest god of ancient Greeks, Zeus. It was a ruined temple located south east of the Acropolis. The construction started during the 6th Century which continued up to the Roman Era. It houses the colossal statue of Zeus, which was made with a combination of gold and ivory. Vouliagmeni Lake It is a small, healing but mystery-laden lake surrounded by jagged rock layers located 50 centimeters above the sea level. The lake, which contains a lot of minerals and hot spring waters, is fancied by a lot of people. Visitors flock to the place due to the healing properties of water which temperature never drops to 21 Centigrade. The lake, which is like a spa for its visitors, is believed to cure ailments such as head aches, skin diseases, arthritis, etc. Minerals found in the waters also give relief to muscle and joint pains. Olympic Indoor Hall The Indoor Hall, as it was commonly called, is home to the biggest entertainment and sports events in Athens. The hall, which is a part of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens or OACA, is the biggest indoor sports arena in the world. It is located in Maroussi. Some of the most important events that were held in the hall were the Eurovision Song Contest, 2004 Summer Olympics, and the 2008 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament. Schinias Beach at Marathon Known for being one of the most beautiful seaside spots in Greece, Schinias Beach is located at the Eastern side of the Attica peninsula. Locals and tourists favor this beach for its extensive sandy coastline that serves as a border between the coastal pine trees of the forest and the glistening blue sea. The distinct view, which was caused by the atypical abundance of pine trees near the water, gave the beach its spectacular effect. Schinias Beach is an ideal place for vacation as the hotels and other accommodations are typical in the area. Tourists who also love to feel a bit of city life in the sea will be delighted with the presence of restaurants, bars and taverns sprouting near the area. National Archaeological Museum Considered as one of the finest museums in the world, this museum houses a lot of relics, art collections and artifacts which dated up to the pre-historic times. It is located in Exarhia in central Athens and was built during 1899.


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