Athens City Guide

Regarded as one of the world’s cradles of civilization, Greece’s center truly holds its glory up to the present. With its foundation that dated 3400 years back, the once powerful city state of Athens remains as important as it is one of Europe’s most flourishing cities to date. With its name originally rooted from the goddess of wisdom, Athena, Athens is a leading city of philosophy, culture, business and politics during the ancient times. The city is very much popular with its achievements in different aspects that it laid the foundations of Western civilization and their time, aptly called the Classical Greece. Located in the central part of Attica, Athens is a city that rested on hills, guarded by huge different mountains, and embrace by the sandy coastlines of Aegean Sea. It enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, on which summer and fall are considered the best time of the season. It is the largest metropolis in Greece, covering the vast areas of the Attica region. Nowadays, it holds the seat of governance and is the center of culture and economy. Visitors will very much likely enjoy Athens with its cultural heritage preserved up to now and blends well with the modern urban lifestyle. The city boasts of its art which can be seen in their buildings, old and new, with styles inspired of Greek and Roman influences, up to the modern architecture. Neo-classical styles can also be found on structures made during the Industrial Revolution period. Aside from its architectural beauty, ancient structures like the Acropolis and Parthenon laid the foundation of a city well-built, a powerful testament to how great Greece was before. Miniature testaments also stand and can be look upon inside the city’s well-administered museums. Being one of the world’s best archaeological research city, Athens provide knowledge to the world, just like before. The city also holds a lot of national parks which resulted from the mountains ranges that borders the city. National parks boast different views of caves, stream and springs, with its terrain like mazes that encourage people to walk. Beaches and ports also surround the city which made an Athens trip a cross between discovering the culture and nature. The urban lifestyle also includes a lot of entertainment and sports festivities. As a cultural center, Athens houses 148 theaters, the most number any other flourishing city cannot match. Stadiums and halls are also rampant in the city, as Athens is home to the most ancient, most widely and prestigiously known sports festival around the world, the Olympics. With its hilly terrain, Athenians often enjoys walking, trekking and mountain-biking as part of their outdoor activities. Transportation is never a problem, since Athens has a lot of modern railway system, plenty of buses and trams that serve natives and visitors alike. With its astounding beauty and excellence, no other culture in the world could take away the fact that Athens is definitely the seat of the civilization so widespread it even reach our time, the glory that definitely crowns Greece.