Fira City Guide

The capitol of the white-washed Santorini located at the south of Aegean Sea, Fira is a bustling city created and nurtured by nature and its people. A place which owes its beauty to the eruptive volcanoes in the past, Fira is situated along an edge of an extinct volcano at the western coast of Santorini, Greece. The place is characterized by high terrains, on which terraces were formed for easier mobility. It overlooks the Aegean Sea and stands as the crown of Santorini, with its marvelous white, creamy and pastel painted houses, that made the city very much distinct among its Mediterranean counterparts. Those white houses, all lined up and down the streets, are marvelously covered with shining blue roofs and domes that served as borders in the light blue sky. Such a beautiful city owes something to the past. History tells why Fira had such kinds of land. The place is a remarkable remnant of a volcano eruption which occurred thousands of years ago. The whole island of Santorini, in fact, is what is left in the volcanic cone that was destroyed during the eruption. Fira’s long and high terrain consists of almost six hundred steps which fits those who loves to stroll while overlooking the sea and sun. Energetic tourists could walk down the terraces sight while viewing the white houses and visiting hundreds of little shops and souvenir stores found in the cobbled-stone streets. Shops are filled with different Greek goods but what Fira is famous for are its jewelry shops located atop the city. Tourists will also enjoy Fira’s endless food choices. Aside from the local cuisine, large restaurants offer international menus. Local cuisine includes the Greek staple which is fish and some other island courses. Snacks are made available in different food stalls. The pita bread called gyros, is one of the most important and popular Greek snack. Food prizes also varies, costing higher as the place becomes higher, to compensate for the beauty offered by the view on top. As a bustling city torn between the sea and sky, young people will enjoy the volcanic beaches available in the low lands. Summer is the most enjoyable part of the holiday season. Aside from the beaches, Fira boasts its lively nightlife too surprising for a city characterized by long steps. Along those narrow streets lie different bars, restaurants and tavernas open up until dawn for tourist and locals alike to enjoy the city ambience. However, for those who want to stroll but are worried about taking long walks in the city, everything is made easier through a toss between the traditional and modern means of transportation. Cable cars are available for easier and faster transportation. Donkey rides or what they called the barron rides are fit for laid-back tourist. All in all, Fira is a tourist paradise as it offers not just the spectacular and eccentric view of the nature, but it is for the constant development made by the its people to further enlighten and spice up the city life to attract more attention.


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