Imeroviglion Attractions Guide

Here are a few places that you can visit in this wonderful city. 1. Vineyards and Wine Factories. Imerovigli and the whole of Santorini don’t have any fresh water source. Water there is a precious commodity, that is why most people would say that wine is more abundant there than water. Wine tasting is another thing to do in Imerovigli, together with the whole of Santorini their local vinery is abundant. Wines are a variety in these areas. Because of their unique micro-climate and scarcity of fresh water, local grapevines are grown uniquely and thus acquire a unique taste. Even most restaurants give away shot glasses as you pay the counter, a tradition unique in these areas. As you decide to do wine tasting, you can also try visiting the vineyards or a wine factory to add in your educational itinerary. 2. Scaros. The view of sunset from Imerovigli is a must see. Also with this view is another interesting sight to spot. It is the enormous rock called Scaros. Scaros once had a castle built on it in. In the early 1800s it housed the administrative offices of the island. But due to an earthquake a part of the island collapsed. The castle of Scaros is an interesting place to visit. Its history started when the island was conquered by a Venetian leader in 1207. The castle guarded the western area of the island form attacks. The castle existed for 600 years and was never defeated in those times. To get to the castle you can choose between the public road and the old path. Indulging with a 20-minute walk towards the castle along the rim provides wonderful sights. For all those photo enthusiasts, grabbing this experience is a must. 3. Santorini Villages for Donkey Rides. Riding the mule in is an experience to take in Imerovigli. They are an inseparable element of these villages in Santorini. These donkeys are registered with the local government and are well cared for. They are not forced to do excessive labor and are scheduled to do work in shifts. It is interesting to know that these donkeys’ work includes transporting passengers, goods and also collecting trash. 4. Ancient Churches. If architecture and religion is your interest, wandering around Imerovigli is also highly recommended. As churches are abundant, it ranges from ancient to the modern ones, and their numbers are increasing as more churches are recently being built. 5. Unique Residences. The residences are a sight to see, besides the numerous white washed ones, their simplicity and contrast with the colourful selected embellishments and plants are beautiful and quite unique.


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