Mykonos City Attractions Guide

If you are looking for a few good spots to visit, here are some of the best that Mykonos has to offer. 1. The best place to stay in Mykonos is in the town center where the various nightlife, restaurant, service stores/centers and banks are plenty and quite accessible. From there you can land travel going to the beaches. 2. Pelican Petros or Peter is a known attraction and mascot of Mykonos. He’s a well loved pelican by the locals and tourist alike. Mostly people took pictures with him or pet him. The story of the original Petros Pelican, started in the 50’s where a wounded pelican migrating was found by the locals and was cared for. The bird eventually became a local celebrity but unfortunately died in 1985 when it was hit by a car. Today there are other pelicans in the harbour and are treated as well. 3. Mykonos Windmills is a popular attraction. They were built in the 16th century and had been a famous landmark since then. These windmills are used to refine grain and compact it for transport. They are found in the western portion of the city. They are positioned in or around the main port. Today only a few of the original windmills still exist. Famous picturesque views of it are in rows. Some of them are non-functional and some are already converted into houses. They are best visited in the late afternoon until sunset. 4. The Aegean Maritime Museum is found in Enoplon Dynameon in Mykonos Town. It features wonderful miniature models of pre-Minoan ships. Also found are rare engraving, navigational instruments, old maps, and rare coins found in ships. There is also the ship ‘Thalis of Milesios’ which was built in 1909 and is worth seeing. Definitely children will enjoy these relics, especially young boys who are interested in sea and sea faring. Even sea hobbyist will find the museum very interesting. 5. Little Venice is a famous place in Mykonos. As the name suggests it is recreated to capture the romantic aura of the original Venice. Situated on the Alevkantra beach where the idyllic rows of buildings/ houses are built on the sea edge. Staying in one of those houses provides the most beautiful sunset sceneries in Mykonos. The row of elegant houses is a treat to photographers combined with the contrast of azure seas, with the sandy beaches, and wondrous sunset. In these buildings plenty of entertainment options can be found here such as discotheques and art galleries. 6. The beaches of Mykonos are a must places to go to. It holds some of the best beach bars and nudist beaches. Concentration of these beautiful shores is found in the southern side of the island. Usually if you want to go partying and bar hoping after your leisure time in the beach, knowing where to go is immediately advised by several PRs who are already there in the beach. Indulging in different water activities such as water sports, scuba diving, and sailing is an attraction activity in Mykonos. The island offers numerous water sports from jet skiing to windsurfing and any water sports you can name. Availability of these activities can be checked from your hotel or resort. Scuba diving is also a known activity in the Aegean Sea. The island’s colourful reefs are a sight to see and explore.