Naxos Chora City Guide

Naxos Chora is the town capital of Naxos in Greece. It is a familiar destination since it is a common route for people given that it is considered a main port of water transportation. The Naxos Chora is seated at the west coast of the Naxos Island and remains a stand-out town given its grandiose architecture and charm. It is home to a Venetian Castle referred to as Kastro built in the 13th century by its occupants who made the town the seat of the Duchy of Aegean. Today, the famous landmark maintains the medieval atmosphere even if a part of it has now been converted into the Archaeological Museum of Naxos. Naxos Chora is a novelty city because even to this day, it has maintained many historical structures and relics from the past. In the northern part of the town is in fact where the unfinished Temple of Apollo stands. Although it is very rich in cultural and historical components, the city is likewise very modern as it is home to many facilities essential to modern-living. It has banks, extensive transportation means, fish restaurants, taverns, bars, cafes, most especially along its magnificent shoreline. One of the most famous beaches in the shoreline is the Saint George Beach or Agios Georgios. It is a favorite tourist spot as it boasts of picturesque, golden sandy coast lined with many establishments which amuse every tourist. One of the famous activities of tourists in this area is windsurfing. Staying in Naxos Chora would please any wanderlust with the many activities to do in the city. Of course, its main strength is its ancient flare given that almost every corner of the city gives off the old medieval vibe. The presence of castles, ruined structures, towers, paved narrow stone streets, Venetian mansions, walls, churches, monuments and statues simply state the undeniable novelty in this place. Still, there’s a lot more such as beaches, resorts which offer water activities, theaters and orchestra performance places and a good number of museums which depict the rich history of Naxos Chora. Most of the items on exhibit in said museums date back to the Neolithic period to the Early Christian era. There are many lodging options for tourists in the area good for the backpackers, the honeymooners or the luxury travelers. There are apartments for those on budget, while there are full-service hotels for the discriminating tourists. One of the liveliest components of Naxos Greece is its dining. There are many affordable restaurants lining the beach, as well as fine-dining restaurants overlooking the splendid sea front. Some of the famous restaurants are Apolafsi, Flamingo, Zorbas Tavern, Smyrneiko Tavern, East West Restaurant (good for those seeking for boundless options), Platia Square, Meze Meze (for the traditional Greek cuisine), The Old Inn (for German Cuisine), Picasso (for Mexican food lovers), and Scirocco, a family-run, café-restaurant famous among tourists because of its homey feel and welcoming staff. Some of these restaurants which offer “culture in a plate” even extend their services in the evening, as they are converted as lounges, bistros or nightlife hang-out spots.