Perissa City Guide

Perissa is one of the must-see towns of the world-famous Santorini in Greece. It is situated 15 kilometers southeast of Fira. It boasts of the picturesque black sand beaches unfamiliar to most tourists who think that Greece is all about white sand. While most people would think that black sand should be less preferred – think again. Perissa beaches have an impressive landscape and a stand-out landmark called Mesa Vouno, an enormous rock rising from the sea. The sight of this rock is spectacular especially at night when it is illuminated with dramatic or romantic warm lights. Limnes, one of the more popular beach spots along the Perissan coastlines, is a favorite among tourists as it catches a good serving of the sunrays without disturbing winds. Limnes is protected from the north wind with the aid of the Profitis Ilias Mountain along the left side of the coast. Of course, apart from this land mass which serves as a helpful barrier, the main draw of the beach is the crystal blue-green water and smooth sand. Apart from the beaches, the town of Perissa cradles lots of ancient buildings and structures, a good number of them situated along the breathtaking cliffs. Perissa even boasts of a route leading to scenic mountains leading to the ruins of the Ancient Thera. The city is most crowded during summer months as it is officially classified as a tourist-haven. It then follows that Perissa offers extensive options for travelers. There are huge varieties of accommodations ranging from apartments, to villas, to hotels. There is also a plethora of interesting dining choices within Perissa given the presence of taverns, Greek and Western fusion restaurants, cafes, bars, beach pubs and nightspots, clubs and more. Perissa is a tourist-favorite since apart from the great beaches, most hotels in the area are very affordable and complete with the necessities for those who simply want to spend their time lazily. Most hotels have refreshing swimming pools and comfortable bedrooms which are complete with most relevant appliances such as cable TV and DVD players. Some even provide cooking facilities. Most tourists though take advantage of the Greek holiday for some culinary adventure in the wide assortment of restaurants in the town. Perissa is also very famous since it is very accessible to the Fira (with just one bus ride) where great shopping can be done. Shopping in this location would also mean that one would be rubbing elbows with donkeys doing trade within the streets. Some of the best restaurants in Greece are in Perissa. “God’s Garden” to ps the list as it is even loosely labeled as a “little place of heaven” in Perissa. It is famous for its amicable and prompt service, plus amazingly delicious food worth every penny. Considering that it’s located along the beach front, a food platter worth around 20 dollars is definitely value for money.


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