Partnership opportunities for hoteliers and website owners


For hoteliers wanting to join the network and list their accommodation on our website can contact us to register their property.

Please note currently we are not adding new properties to some areas of Europe as we already have the required number of accommodations. If this is the case for your accommodation area you will be put in a waiting list and we will contact you once we feel we need more accommodation in that area.

By listing your accommodation with us your property will be advertised in the StarStay network and many other websites.

To register your accommodation with website please contact us using the contact us form.

Website Owners

For website owners wanting to list our hotels on their site can contact us to register as a partner. Once registered you can list thousands of hotels we offer to your customers.

Please contact us with your website details and we will evaluate your website to see if it is suitable for our partnership and if we feel we can do a partnership we will contact you with partnership details.

Click here to contact us regarding partnerships.