Cascais Attractions Guide

Popular tourist attractions in Cascais. Cascais Famous Shopping Street A famous shopping street in Cascais offers its tourists and its locals a taste of a combination of high class, commercial, or even local products from different parts of the globe. Lavish designer boutiques are situated in the shopping street as well as big shopping centers and quaint stalls that offer quality laces and embroidery. The road where shops and stalls are situated lead to Sintra which is another famous place in Portugal. Boca do Inferno The Boca do Inferno or the ‘mouth of hell’ is a famous attraction which is located just three kilometers from Cascais. The crashing waves of the Atlantic that hit the rock formations blow out the waves. Near the Boca do Inferno, the Guincho beach is also located which holds a beauty that lures professional surfers to try its waters with strong undercurrents. The Guincho beach is not a suitable area for swimming because of the currents but the seafood the restaurants offer near the beach is spectacular and should be tried by all tourists. Tourists can try fresh Portuguese sea foods like goose barnacles known as ‘percebes’ and small lobsters known as ‘bruxas’. Quinta de Marinha The Quinta de Marinha is also another spectacular attraction that is situated near the Guincho beach. The Quinta is a luxurious establishment that boasts of an eighteen-hole seaside golf course, horse riding, and other seaside activities that tourists will surely enjoy. The Path to Estoril Cascais offers another attraction that leads its tourists to Estoril which is another superb tourist destination. Along the path, tourists can enjoy the sweet and cool breeze of the sea where well constructed walkways direct the path to Estoril. Along the walkway are bars and exercise points beautifully adorned with lush and tropical greenery that offers shade from the tropical sun in Portugal. The ‘Parque do Marechal Carmona’ is a park situated near the walkway where tables and benches are placed under the shades of the trees. What makes the park suitable for family bonding is a small zoo situated inside. Libraries and Museums Along the walkway to Estoril are also well constructed libraries and museums that celebrate the best of Portuguese art and culture. The Museo do Conde de Castro Guimaraes is a museum that is open for public viewing. Sixteenth to Eighteenth century Portuguese art and treasures are preserved in the museums and the libraries also hold famous literary treasures that date from way back. Church and Parishes Church and parishes are also abundant in Cascais since the locals hold a strong Christian religion that has been established for a long time. The architecture of the churches and parishes has strong historical influence that makes the well constructed buildings not just historical and architecturally sound, but also deeply religious. Tourists are obliged not to wear too revealing clothes when entering churches and parishes since guards might not allow them to enter the place.