Malaga Attractions Guide

With so many things to see in Malaga but with so little time, is it possible to get the whole full experience? Because Malaga is such an interesting holiday destination, you could stay a week or so and still leave the city craving for more. So if you’re pressed for time but want to be able to see the best of what the city has in store for you, then here are the top 5 attractions that you should, by all means, check out on your holiday. 1. Museo Picasso Malaga – as the great renowned artist Pablo Picasso was born in the city in 1881, it comes as no surprise how his legacy and artistry has been embraced by the good people of Malaga with the opening the Museo Picasso that houses many of his original artworks representing all phases of his career. The Museum is an absolute favorite among art enthusiasts and history buffs alike and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. They are open for most of the week expect Mondays and Wednesdays and offer great deals for tour groups or students and senior citizens. 2. Alcazaba – if you’re looking for a breathtaking view of the port and the city of Malaga, then head on to Alcazaba where you will not only enjoy the sights with an afternoon stroll, but you will also be able to have a better understanding of Spanish history and its triumphs. Although you’ll see nothing more than ruins on the site, the scenery and cultural experience is enough to make up for the 10 minute or more walk that you will need to endure depending on what part of the city you will be coming from. 3. Casa de la Antigua Guardia – if you fancy a taste of the local wines that Malaga has to offer then your next stop should be the Casa de la Antigua Guardia, the oldest tavern in the area to date. Famed for its wide selection of wines and Sherries, you’ll be able to experience the Spanish culture of pre dinner drinks and appetizers the best way you possible could. The bar’s old rustic feel will take you back to the good old olden days when Queen Isabel II visited the tavern herself in 1862. 4. Malaga Cathedral – one of the Spanish cathedrals that you should really see for yourself if ever you have some time to kill while exploring the other attractions nearby. The architecture from the outside is enough to overwhelm you with its structural beauty and intricate design. If you have the chance to attend a mass in this cathedral then you really should because not only will it give you a substantial amount of time to bask in its beauty but you will also be able to enter it for free. 5. La Concepcion - Jardin Botanico-Historico de Malaga – if you’re craving for a quiet afternoon walk after all the tours and shopping has been done then the La Concepcion botanical gardens is the perfect venue for some relaxing time. Don’t forget your camera as there are many beautiful photographs of nature that you’ll want to take here. It’s clean and cool surroundings and breathtaking beauty of nature will surely make you feel like you’re in paradise. Malaga Spain is a cultural and historical experience that you should grab the chance to explore. It’s a holiday that you will definitely remember for the rest of your life.


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