Luzern City Guide

A small but beautiful city in Switzerland, Luzern is not just a city that boosts the economy of the country through great tourism, but is also the main home of Swiss history that can be traced way back in the 19th century. When talking about the history of Switzerland, the name Mark Twain has been the famous icon associated with it. The months of June, September and October are the best months to choose if you want to travel to Luzern. June is considered to be the wettest month but yet, it is advisable for tourists to travel during this period because summer season has always been congested with the locales and foreign tourists as well. A peaceful place is perceived as something quiet and serene and this is also how they describe this city. However, Luzern is not to be mistaken as a total quiet place from day ‘till night. It is because this city is packed with lively bars and anyone can join the party and fun when the life at night begins. Anyone can freely enjoy the wonderful nightlife and entertainment in this city. There is a bar in this city that is found at the top of a hotel named Hotel Monopol. This bar, called P-1 Bar offers nothing but the best music beat in town that will make you dance. On the other hand, The Loft which happens to be P-1 Bar’s best competitor offers an LA-like ambiance with its high-tech dance floor. Not all bars in Luzern offer mere music and dance floor, though. The Penthouse Bar for instance found at the Hotel Astoria has terrace where you can enjoy an overlooking great view of the mountains and the city as well. Moreover, this city does not allow itself to be left behind when it comes to fun entertainment. Kultur und Kongress Zentrum and Stadtkeller are just two of the best establishments that allow talented Swiss stage presentation. Enjoying nightlife and other activities as well are not enough to complete your Luzern, Switzerland tour. Once in Luzern, it is also a great opportunity to look for Swiss army knife and Swiss chocolates that are made with highest value in this country. So it would be better to search for those shops and look for other valuable Swiss items. Shopping in this city is always a very exciting and convenient activity to do. Most shops there accept major credit cards and some can also provide you with international delivery service. This means you do not need to bring cash as this may also cause you trouble and you also do not need to worry if you bought a huge item that is impossible to fit in your luggage. Shops in Luzern do not only sell high quality and elegant clothing, jewelries, and other accessories. There are also stores available that sell cheaper items such as those in flea markets. Other markets sell specific items such as flowers and are open during specific months and days only. A good example of this is the Christmas Market that is open every December at Franziskanerplatz.