Zurich City Guide

Being the largest city in Switzerland, it is no wonder that Zurich has a lot to offer when it comes to modern shopping, historical sightseeing, lively entertainment and a lot more. Even if it it’s the largest, this city is proud to say that it is still free from pollution and its lakes are crystal clear that you can even swim on it. Perhaps one of the reasons why Zurich is not polluted is because it encourages its local residents and foreign visitors as well to use bicycles. They even have a program called Zurirollt where you can rent a bike for free and have fun in discovering the city as far as you can. Everyone can enjoy this opportunity from May to October, seven days a week. But before Zurich became a popular city for the tourists, Romans used to settle there in 58BC. The city’s industries started to develop in the 18th century and today, people around the world can enjoy going to this large Swiss city. By visiting the place, visitors can also have the chance to see the events and festivals of this wonderful city. Zurich holds events and festivals that are remarkably known in the world. The Street Parade for instance ranks second as the biggest enthusiastic event in the whole world. This happens in either first or second weekend of August. Europe is also the home of Latin as well as salsa music and the biggest event for this called Caliente Festival is being held in here every June. It is considered to be the biggest event in this category in the entire European continent. These two exciting events happen in June and August. These months are also the best time to visit Zurich. These months are the summer season, though a totally sunny weather cannot be expected all the time. There are also some months of the year that are good in doing certain activities. October for instance is the perfect month to go hiking or simply strolling. January brings the coldest month and people who love to ski can visit this city during this month, although you cannot also expect full blast of snow sometimes. But no matter what time of the year you visit Zurich, always allot a day for your shopping spree. Switzerland is one of the best watch makers in the world, so why not shop for watch in Bucherer. Watches in this place are among the finest and high-quality watches that you could see. And for the certified shopaholics, going to Jelmoli is going to be a shopping paradise because they can find almost anything in there. You should not also miss visiting Café Sprüngli for mouth-watering Swiss chocolates and Chäs Vreneli for the heavenly-scented cheese. The time of your life in Zurich does not simply end in strolling, biking, and shopping alone. This city is just another place to have fun even at night. You can go and chat with a friend together with beers in Rheinfelder Bierhaus. You can also love the bookshop-café Sphéres that turns into a lively bar at night.