Birmingham City Guide

In 2007, Birmingham was dubbed as one of the top five places most visited by tourists in the United Kingdom and it also belonged to the top 100 most livable cities in the world. Such is the wonder and heritage that Birmingham offers to all its visitors. It is located at the center of England's West Midland Region. It was also known as “the city of a thousand trades” because of its varied commercial centers. History has it that as early as the 16th century, the metalworking industry was already established as a business, when the city first started having access to coal and iron ore. During the 18th century, Birmingham became a gathering place for industrialists and thinkers alike. The construction of the canal system and railways led to further industrialization. People began to populate the area and it became the second most populated area in England at that time . In the late 1800, Queen Victoria made it into a city. And a few years later their own first university was built. The people living in Birmingham are called Brummies, and their dialect is Brummagem. The city has since then became home to people who migrated and chose to live there such as Americans, Asians, British and Chinese. The city is known as a place for students because of the big universities located around the city. The City offers a variety of entertainment for all folks around the neighboring cities and for all tourists coming from all over the world. Whether the purpose of coming to Birmingham is one of business, or pleasure and relaxation, sports, arts, education or anything, the city has them to offer. Accommodations are plenty to choose from. The city offers many luxurious haven as well as lovely yet affordable abode for their visitors from all over the world. The shopping destinations are a never-ending row of boutiques that showcases the most elegant and fabulous names in fashion. Bargain galore are also in abundance that gives shoppers a most delightful shop-till-you-drop experience. The nightlife in Birmingham is one the most awaited time by the tourists and the local folks as well. It presents a variety of shows and events and places to choose from. Symphony halls to Ballet theaters, to cultural shows, to disco's and night clubs and comedy acts, you name it, they got it. Eating out at the Balti triangle, where a chain of more than 4 dozens restaurants are located is a most enjoyable and mouth watering treat for everyone. The best time to visit the city is around May to September where the weather is fair. But visiting the city in other months also offers different highlights and activities where people could enjoy their stay just as much. Traveling in the city is not that complicated. The city has provided a simple transport system for its folks and for tourists to go around the city or where they want to go using the bus, the tram or the local train.