Bournemouth Attractions Guide

There are a lot of major tourist spots to discover in the town of Bournemouth. These amazing places are open to the public and features not only natural resources the town is blessed with, but also its interesting culture. 1. Compton Acres Garden – Visiting this tourist spot in Bournemouth makes you feel as if you’re transported to another world where nature is at harmony with man. The town of Bournemouth is known for its vast gardens where botanical plants grow, indigenous wood carvings, and giant stones dominating the landscape. This 10-acre garden is a mixed Victorian style where 7 other gardens of various cultures and styles can be found. This place has become a major attraction especially for vacationing families as there are also numbers of establishments to go to. The place becomes a modern Garden of Eden – minus the forbidden fruit and with the inclusion of modern facilities and man-made additions. 2. Bournemouth Eye – For those who want to experience an aerial view of the entire Bournemouth town as well as the coastline of East Dorset, riding on tethered air balloons will allow each tourist to experience what it feels like to be 500-feet up. This air balloon ride is perfect for individuals who want to experience a great adventure up in the air. Bournemouth town holds an annual Air Balloon Festival during the month of August, but riding in this balloon is open for public use from April to September every year. 3. Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum – This museum sits on top of East Cliff Hill with masterful pieces of art, hand-painted collections, and noted sculptures. The creators of this villa (Lady Russell-Cotes and Sir Merton) were more than willing to reveal and share to the world different exhibitions and visual arts. At present, the villa is made open to the public with absolutely no entrance and exhibition fees involved. However, the administration is accepting donations from tourists and visitors for the conservation and maintenance of this Victorian Villa. So if you want to take a glimpse of Bournemouth’s finest art collections for free, you can arrange your visits online. 4. Bournemouth Oceanarium – This is one of those family attractions that delight both the young and old. The Oceanarium housed different underwater wildlife and watery habitats making it one of the most visited places in Bournemouth. Children will definitely enjoy a trip to the Oceanarium as it boasts a walk-through tunnel where you can catch sight of water life in close proximity. As you walk your way to the Oceanarium, you will also encounter general information such as proper feeding demonstrations, caring for sea animals and the like. This is open to all locals and tourists everyday except on Christmas day. All entrance tickets can be purchased online or once you get to the West Beach Bournemouth where this Oceanarium is built. 5. Bournemouth Beaches – Some of the best beaches found in this town are Durley Chine, Canford Cliffs Chine, Alum Chine, Shore Road, and Sandbanks Peninsular among others. These beaches never seemed to prevent tourists from coming. Day trippers and overnighters come in to enjoy beach actions and sports activities like jetskiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving where you are plunged almost 30 feet under water to view spectacular sea resources Bournemouth has to offer.