Edinburgh City Guide

Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, is the second largest in the country, next to Glasgow and it is the seat of the Scottish Parliament. This so-called “Athens of the North”, is one of the most breathtaking cities in the whole of Europe. The city houses a wide collection of Georgian and Medieval artistry. This is evidently shown in the design of the stone tenements and other forms of architecture in the city. Auld Reekie, meaning “old smoky”, is one of its nicknames. Edinburgh, the royal capital of Scotland since 1437, is undoubtedly rich in terms of culture and has an interesting history. People vacation or visit the place especially during the festivals held yearly. The Edinburgh Festival, being the most popular consists of various unconnected festivities. Celebrations last for four weeks starting early August and tourists flock the city during this time. So for those who are interested in visiting the place during this time of the year, better book a year ahead. The four most popular events are the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe which is considered the biggest event for performing arts in the world, Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Edinburgh International Book Fest. There are still other celebrations that tourists love to experience in the city. This is one reason why, after London, it is considered the next top visited tourist spot in the United Kingdom. The most desirable city to live in the UK, according to 2009’s YouGov poll, is never behind when it comes to bringing fun, relaxation and excitement to its guests. As a matter of fact, nightlife in Edinburgh is never boring. Although the feel of the city is generally medieval, it is never behind in terms of providing up-to-the-minute recreation, forms of relaxation and fun to its guests. The city is home to some of the world’s most famous celebrities, authors, artists, inventors, scientists, etc. This notable list includes, JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter series, Irvine Welsh writer of the novel Trainspotting, the creator of Treasure Island and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Robert Louise Stevenson. It also boasts of significant contributions in the field of engineering and science. Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Darwin, John Napier, Daniel Rutherford and who could forget “Dolly the sheep’s” creator, geneticist Ian Wilmut, are all well-known residents of Edinburgh. Areas for shopping, clubbing, sightseeing and many other activities sprawl in the “Athens of the North”. And it is always easy to tour around because there are several means of transportation. For vacationers, there are a lot of hotels that you can stay at. Better be ready with a comprehensive itinerary, so you won’t waste time speculating what activities could be done in the city and what places to visit. Climate is rather windy and cold so better include attire that would suit the weather so you can enjoy your stay.