Glasgow Attractions Guide

While in Glasgow don't miss visiting these array of spectacular sights and places to explore. 1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of the 13 museums around York and is the 2nd most famous tourist attraction in Scotland. It offers one of the richest civic collection and art galleries across Europe. Also on display are archaeological finds such as fossils of marine life from the Glasgow area. The arms and Armour collection made for the 1st Earl of Pembroke, William Herbert, are quite impressive. Aside from the collection, there are different events and exhibits being offered by the Museum for children and adults to enjoy. 2. The People's Palace houses the significant social and political history of Glasgow. See the paintings, photographs, artifacts, and films and learn about the people of the city from the 1750s up to the present time. There are ongoing events and exhibits at the Palace to entertain everyone. 3. Winter Gardens is found adjacent to the People's Palace. It is a Victorian Glass house where visitors can explore the tropical plants and enjoy the atmosphere. There are cafe houses where one could relax and watch the contemporary programs that are currently going on. 4. The Lighthouse is a 6-story building which houses a unique showcase of architecture and designs. It was opened in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. There are also programs, events and exhibitions geared towards the cultural, economic, educational and social issues being scheduled frequently. 5. The Museum of Transport was founded in 1964 and is one of the finest transport museum in all of Europe. It has an amazing collection of different vehicles used for transport whether by sea and land during the early times. The collection includes horses driven vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, toy cars, and a massive display of ship models. 6. The Pollok House and Country Park is a mansion which housed the Maxwell family during the 13th century. It offers a taste of life in the country side. It also showcases a rich collection of antique furniture, Spanish arts, silverware and ceramic arts. It also has a great library with a massive collection of books and wall paintings which were personally collected by Sir William Stirling Maxwell in his lifetime. 7. St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art was opened in 1993 and offers information to people from all walks of life about the influence of religion among the lives of the people from the past up to the present. It's main objective is to provide understanding and respect between people of different religions regarding their different belief and faith. There are four areas of exhibitions, one of them is the Gallery of Religious Life where the six religions are being presented such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Judaism. 8. The Glasgow Science Centre is a recommended place for the whole family to visit. Learn about the influence of Science and Technology and it's importance in everyday life. The center aims to provide its visitors an unforgettable learning experience. Explore the Glasgow Tallest Tower, explore the universe at the Planetarium, or relax and watch a movie at the IMAX cinema. Your visit to Glasgow would keep you coming back to experience some more of what it has to offer.