Manchester Attractions Guide

A cosmopolitan city, Manchester has a lot to offer to tourists apart from skyscrapers, shopping centers, and store fronts. Among the numbers of tourists destinations Manchester boasts, the following tops a savvy traveler’s list: 1. Manchester Chinatown – Manchester’s version of Chinatown is situated in Central Manchester and is renowned in the world as the second largest Chinatown in UK. It’s good to know that the Asian influence has conquered even this side of England. Upon entering the archway, a visitor is welcomed with different Chinese restaurants, Malaysian food stores, Japanese cuisines, Singaporean shops, and a lot of other Pan-Asian trades. A trip to this East Central of Manchester makes you feel as if you’ve visited many different countries in Asia. It’s all like opening yourself up to different worlds in one visit. 2. Cathedral Gardens – As there are two sides to a coin, there are also two sides to the same city. Manchester being a modern city with steel building and crowded spots for entertainment, a green vast space was developed complete with a leafy park to stroll and walk around, concrete benches to sit and lurk, and a green ambience that completes a relaxing and tranquil setting. Although you may look at the Cathedral Gardens as just one of those gardens you see on many different places, it is always interesting to note and discover its difference in terms of concept and style. 3. Bridgewater Hall – This is deemed as one of those concert venues Manchester holds with pride. This stunning building has been witness to a lot of nightly plays, symphony, and concerts with the likes of the famous BBC Philharmonic and Halle Orchestra. At present, the Bridgewater Hall holds varieties of music events, live performances, and even international affairs with a capacity of 2000 seats. So, if you’re fond of Manchester music and other music trends and rhythms, this hall is worth visiting. 4. Manchester Museum – This museum houses wonderful botanical collections, an extensive range of ethnological collections and zoological pieces of prehistoric artifacts. You can also see world-renowned collections from different countries such as specimens of butterflies from India, Egyptian craftsmanship, a fossilized dinosaur from South Dakota, and the Emile Clement collection from Australia. This museum is owned and maintained by Manchester University and is open for public viewing Mondays to Sundays from 10am to 5pm. Whether you’re on an educational trip with your children or just simply touring around United Kingdom with the family, this museum retaining almost six million specimens from different countries is a good ground to learn something not just from Manchester but from different cities and countries’ collections as well. 5. Nahant Beach – This is one of the most popular beaches in Manchester characterized by huge piles of rocks, pristine water, sandy shoreline, and most of all astonishing sights to see. An hour of breaststrokes, gliding, and floating may make you feel slightly exhausted, but with an ambience that is fitted perfectly for relaxation, you won’t feel any exhaustion at all. The place spells privacy, respite from the noise and clutter of the urban world.