Torquay Attractions Guide

If you’re looking for a water world paradise flanked with Marine resources, smashing waves, deep harbour, and the sun peeking through coastal clouds, the town of Torquay will give you all of these. Here are 5 best attractions that are images of both art and nature wonders: 1. Kents Cavern – You’ll going to miss out on your entire Torquay trip if you haven’t gone to this Visitor Attraction and Showcave of the Year awardee. This cave has become an eye catcher not only for natives but for tourists as well due to its archeological remains and artifacts and its geological elements. This prehistoric cave is also family-friendly as it both provides room for adults and children alike. Going on a vacation with your toddlers is possible even if it means going to Kents Cavern. The place has provided pushchairs, handrails, and concrete floors making it one of the easiest showcaves to go to. 2. Torre Abbey – The oldest yet rich in historical facets best describes this building. Torre Abbey was built in the year 1196 meant for two prominent brothers known as the ‘White Canons’. At present, the Abbey housed different art collections from famous artists with the likes of Frederick Thrupp and other art masters hailed in the local and foreign art circles, having collated impressive achievements through the years. Paintings and sculptures likewise bear their insignias that are considered priceless possessions. 3. The Agatha Christie Mile – If you’re a fan of the ‘Queen of Crime and Mystery’ fiction novels written by Agatha Christie and knew the characters with the likes of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, then you sure will enjoy what is known as the Agatha Christie Walk Trail. Here, you will not only discover the mystifying beauty and wonders of the 15 places that has unique connections with the prolific writer, but you will also get to see how well Agatha Christie gave life to characters with the inclusion of Torquay’s best places in almost all her novels. So as you follow the trail of Agatha Christie Mile, from the Tourist Centre to the Plymouth, you will discover that Torquay is a real paradise, indeed. 4. The Surf World Museum – For surfing enthusiasts, this museum will definitely match your taste for smashing big waves and surfing as a whole. Tourists will get to experience a real haven of different surfing collector’s items, of course, sans the big waves and real surfing action. In this museum, you will also get to see renowned art pieces, snapshots, and surfing events giving it the title as the largest surfing museum around the globe. 5. Abbey Sands, Meadfoot, and Oddicombe Beaches – These are just some of the 19 beaches found in and around the coastline of Torquay. A lot of tourists take great pleasure in going to one of these beaches with posh restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other establishments situated near the shore. Truly, a wonderful summer destination for those who want to slouch and relax while rippling waters either cradles you under the Z’s or make you want to swim like there’s no tomorrow. There are still a lot more tourist attractions worthy of visiting. So if you have an ample of time in your hands, places like the Princess Theatre, Indigoblue Artist Gallery, Babbacombe Model Village, Tiger Moth World Moth Adventure Park, The Woodlands, Sundial, Cockington Gardens, and Fisherman's Beach will surely complete your entire Torquay vacation.