Innsbruck City Guide

Aside from being the fifth largest city in Austria, Innsbruck also serves as the capital of Tyrol province. It has a population of about 110,000 people and served as one of the host cities for the European Football Championships back in 2008. Innsbruck also played host to the Winter Olympics twice (1964 and 1976) as it is well known for being a huge ski resort in the Alpine mountains. Its location is close both to Munich, Germany as well as to Northern Italy making it a must-visit Alpine destination. Innsbruck became Tyrol’s capital in the year 1429. In the 15th century, the city of Innsbruck became the center for politics in Europe as well as culture when the late emperor Maximilian I decided to move his Imperial Court to this small city sometime in the 1490s. To this day, there are still a lot of old buildings in Innsbruck which date back from the Middle Ages. Given its location and climate, Innsbruck is quite known for being an ideal location for Alpine sporting events. There are also lots of different ski resorts which have been held up all over the city in case you just want to enjoy the beauty of the Alps. When it comes to schools, Innsbruck has two universities and several colleges which have a total student population of over 25,000. It’s also interesting to note that a significant number of Italian students make up Innsbruck’s student population. In spite of being a small town, Innsbruck’s nightlife is apparently vibrant, thanks to these youngsters who tend to frequent the popular nightspots. As Innsbruck is located quite near the coastlines, tourists can expect a nice, continental climate wherein winters are typically cold and snowy while summers tend to be quite warm. However, be prepared for some “cold summer nights” from time to time wherein the temperature can just drop to below 10 degrees Celsius. If you are going to fly to Innsbruck, Austrian Airlines actually has daily scheduled flights to Tyrol’s largest airport, Innsbruck Kranebitten. If you are coming from Germany though, the Munich Airport is only two and a half hours away and serves as a good alternative for travelers who’d rather drive to Innsbruck. You can do this by hiring a van at the Munich Airport which will then take you to the hotel or inn that you are going to stay in at Innsbruck. If you choose to take the bus, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for bus line “F” which will take you to the city center. Other airports that are near Innsbruck are Klagendfurt, Zurich, Salzburg, and Friedrichshafen. If you are a big fan of trains, then you will definitely be happy to find out that in spite of being a small city, Innsbruck actually has a good train system that can connect you to all the major cities that can be found nearby. The main train station is called the Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof and is located at Südtiroler Platz in the eastern portion of the city center. Make sure to get yourself an updated map of Innsbruck – this will only cost you 1 euro or you can download a map from the internet, this way you won’t have to worry so much about where you are going. In any case, the various modes of public transportation at Innsbruck are actually very impressive especially the highly efficient bus system.


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