Linz Attractions Guide

Popular attracions in Linz Linzer castle Linzer Schloss or Linz Castle is a five minute walk west of Hauptplatz. High above the river, it was used by Emperor Friedrich III around 1486-1489. At the turn of the 17th century, Rudolf II erected a new building. In the early 19th century, the castle’s south wing was destroyed by fire. The Linz Castle now houses the Provincial Museum of Upper Austria. It has a wide range of exhibitions including medieval art as well as pieces by the great moderns. They also have other wings with different departments including collections of arts and crafts as well as pieces of folklore. St. Martin’s Church St. Martin’s Church is regarded as the oldest church in Austria in existence. Perhaps, that would already be enough reason why people should visit Martinskirche. Believed to have been constructed by Charlemagne in the 700s, it was redesigned in the 11th century. Tourists can revel at the 1200 year old church with its pillar arches, Romanesque and Gothic door and window arches, Roman stone inscriptions and an original Roman furnace. It would be an overwhelming wonder because of its history and its structure. Visitors should take note that the interior can only be seen through a glass door. Entrance to the church would only be possible if visitors requested for a tourist guide. The Trinity Column At 66 feet high, The Trinity Column stands tall at the main square. This baroque wonder in white marble is carved with patron saints that include Sebastian, Florian and Carlo Borromeo. Dated 1704-1713, the column has inscriptions that speak of the people’s gratitude from being delivered from the harms of fire, war and plague. The Lentos Notable for its glass-covered exterior, The Lentos is a modern art museum recently opened in 2003. Even if it is relatively new, it is considered as one of the most important museums in Austria in the branch of modern art. It has over 2000 artworks including paintings, photographs, sculptures and object art. There is also a number of visual art pieces from distinguished artists including works of Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Nolde and Corinth. The stretch of glass exterior of the museum is also illuminated in varied colors at night that it is still considered a spectacle even when the sun already set. It can also be admired from the River Donau that boat excursions in the area typically include it as part of the itinerary. The big and impressive collection it has would be stimulating for art lovers but by itself, both the interior and exterior of Lentos is an artwork that should not be missed. Botanical Gardens With more than 10,000 various types housed, the botanical garden in Linz is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. It has five greenhouses that have the most exotic specimens from the collection. It also has a unique collection of cacti that is known to be the finest in all of Europe. The exhibited plants are grouped in complete landscapes that tourists would find the sight natural. Tourists and enthusiasts would find themselves in the middle of the plant’s natural habitat. The gardens also host special shows and exhibitions on top of the original collection.


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