Salzburg Attractions Guide

Here are some popular Salzburg destinations that you should not miss out on during your trip: Mozart's birth house (Mozarts Geburtshaus): located at the heart of Salzburg, the Mozart family lived in this house back in 1747 up to 1773. Now the house serves as a very popular museum that is devoted to keeping the legacy of Mozart and his family alive as it is filled with lots of valuable and interesting memorabilia and letters. It’s really something worth visiting while you are in Salzburg. Salzburg Zoo: Open 365 days in a year, the Salzburg Zoo is located in the south of the city and is a popular destination for families with young kids. Aside from the petting zoo that the kids are so fond of, there is also a restaurant available on site which serves traditional Austrian dishes that you might want to try. Toy Museum or the Spielzeugmuseum: another nice treat for the young ones and the young at heart, Salzburg’s Toy Museum boasts of having the largest collection of European toys in Austria. Make sure to catch the Kasperltheater, a puppet show which is being held every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for the past 25 years. Museum of Natural History or the Hause der Natur Salzburg: this was actually a former summer palace of the Archbishops of Salzburg and it has lots of pretty gardens as well as clever fountains. Do remember that while taking the tour; always stand next to the tour guide because otherwise you will get wet because of the fountains. Make sure that you also visit Hellbrunn which is surrounded by a huge garden and has various things that are perfect for children such as a playground, a cold wading pool and a flying fox. It is also a nice place to have a fun picnic with the family or friends. Another popular attraction at Salzburg’s Museum of Natural History is the Stone Theater or the Steintheater. It served as the first opera house of Middle Europe. Salzburg’s Museum of Natural History is definitely a must-visit for tourists who are traveling with their children as it definitely has a lot of fun things for both young and old. Getreidegasse: for those who are looking for a shopping excursion in Salzburg, this is a long and narrow street which is lined with various shops and is actually quite famous for its old-style signs wherein the profession of the people residing in the establishment is displayed outside the store. St. Sebastian Cemetary: this is where you will find the tomb of Mozart’s wife, Constanze Weber-Nissen as well as the Mausoleum of Archbishop Wolfdietrich which is considered as a must-see. The Untersberg: this mountain has always been extremely popular with tourists as it is very near Salzburg, and can be easily reached by bus. There are actually lots of ways for people to go to the top of this mountain, but the most popular choice is by cable car that takes passengers over 1300m up to the Geiereck peak.