Vienna City Guide

Best known as Austria’s capital, Vienna is also the country’s largest city making it the political, cultural and economic center of Austria. Whether you choose to wander around Vienna by foot, by car, or by the U-Bahn, there are definitely a lot of interesting sites to visit in this fair city. Get ready to enjoy all sorts of adventures in your visit to Vienna. Vienna’s rich history stems from being the former site of the Habsburg court as well as of various other empires. As Vienna still has the trappings of being the former imperial capital of Austria, this historic city has become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Having hosted the Habsburg court for many centuries, Vienna actually served as the first Imperial seat of the Holy Roman Empire. It was also the capital of the Austrian Empire then the Austro-Hungarian Empire before its fall in the year 1918. Vienna’s royal court is believed to have heavily influenced the culture that exists in the city today. Just like the men and women of Vienna’s royal court, the city’s residents are actually known to be very formal. Aside from a hint of courtliness in their manners like in their forms of addressing one another, Vienna’s residents also have a penchant for dressing up in a more formal way. The locals’ behavior is actually one of the many delightful charms of this Austrian city because while its residents are known to be very much old-fashioned, they also the conflicting trait of having a progressive way of thinking. Thus you can expect an interesting mix of all things modern and traditional when you visit this lovely Austrian city. For those who are seeking for a vibrant nightlife, don’t expect Vienna to have a huge party scene especially since its residents are quite old-fashioned when it comes to entertainment. Instead of huge party clubs blaring out pulsating beats and the latest in house music, the residents of Vienna prefer something which they call as “Sitz-clubbing”. This is where clubbers pay for an entrance fee to enjoy some drinks while being treated to some good music. Very little dancing actually goes on around here. If this sounds a little too tame for you, time your visit to Vienna during the summer when restaurants tend to stay open ‘till late and the clubs offer more entertainment for tourists. Make sure to drop by Flex, Fluc, and Roxy which are all very popular clubs in Vienna. Aside from Vienna’s nightlife, you might be also interested about this city’s major shopping destinations. There’s the International Charity Bazaar being held every November then the various Christmas markets that pop out during the winter holidays. These make for great alternative shopping places and a fun cultural experience for tourists. However, don’t forget to leave out Vienna’s many shopping districts like the Kohlmarkt during your big shopping spree in the city. Getting around Vienna is fairly easy as there are loads of different means of transportation that tourists can easily get accustomed to during their stay. Aside from riding the local train or hiring a car, walking around the city is also a good way for you to soak in the incredible sites that Vienna has to offer. Going around on a bicycle is pretty popular among locals as well.


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