Blankenberge Attractions Guide

The top attractions in Blankenberge are: 1. Flower Parade – vivid and colorful… Lots of tourists flock to Blankenberge each year during the last Sunday of August to witness the wonderful display of vibrant blossoms. If you wanted to be a part of this festival, book early as hotels and flights are expected to be full during this season. 2. Fonteintjes – These are dunes that stretch between the coasts of Blankenberge and Zeebrugge. The view of the beach from the dunes is breathtaking and inspiring at the same time. Hikers will certainly enjoy walking along the area. 3. Sea Life Center – The establishment was opened to the public during Easter back in 1995. In going to the Sea Life Center, one can get a glimpse of the livelihood and lifestyle of people living on shores of the Northern seas. Its exhibits are equipped with the most recent technology in aquariums. Visitors can learn see the varieties of aquatic animals. Its main attraction is the 8 meter tunnel that is actually built on seabed. In going through it, visitors can get the feeling that they are actually trudging the seabed. About 70 species of colorful fishes swim around and can be viewed from within the tunnel. The sea life center also has souvenir shops and restaurants. Schedules of operating hours are as follows: from July 1 to August 31 the center is open Mondays to Sundays from 10am to 9pm; starting September 1 the center is still open seven days a week but operating hours are from 10am to 6pm. It is always closed on the 25th of December. 4. Lustige Velodroom – The name of this place means cheerful velodrome. And it aptly describes the feeling tourists get as the cycle along the tracks of Louis using uniquely designed bikes. Fun is one word to describe this famous attraction. 5. Grote Markt – This site is one of Blankenberge’s shopping spots. Within this area, there are two monuments depicting different symbolisms. One monuments represents a writer named Hendrik Conscience and the other is an emblem of war. 6. Kerkstraat – This place is another shopping and dining district. The former town hall of the area was constructed back in the year 1680. It is now being used as a venue for artists to showcase their creations. 7. Sint-Antoniuskerk – is also known as the church of Saint Anthony. It the year 1358, it was initially consecrated. Efforts to restore the church occurred during the 17th century. If you enter the site, you will notice that the furnishings are composed of pieces that are commonly used in the 18th century. 8. Majuttehuis – Along with Blankenberge’s progress comes the changes in landscape and infrastructure. The Majuttehuis is the only remaining fisherman’s cottage in Blankenberge. 9. Zeedijk Cinema – Movie buffs can enjoy a few flicks shown in this establishment. It is situated a few steps before descending to Kerkstraat. It was built in the year 1932. 10. Zeedijk Aquarama – the aquarama is located at the east side of Zeedijk. It also focuses on the colorful marine resources. Among its other attractions are the theater and the science playground.