Blankenberge City Guide

Going to the beach spells fun for beach bums who love frolicking or lazing beneath the warmth of the sun. For some, going to the beach is a chance to breathe in fresh sea breeze or to walk barefoot along the shores. Whichever entices beach buffs and eager tourists, a vacation in Blankenberge will surely not disappoint. This coastal town is located within the West Flanders province of Belgium. With a total land area of 17.41 m2, it is a home for 18,175 Belgians of the Flemish community. Travelers coming from central Belgium can easily reach the town by riding the connecting train. To go to the beach, get off at the station and from the station, enjoy a ten-minute walk through the shopping district of the city. The white sands would certainly be a welcoming sight after the short walk. In the early days, Blankenberge was just a small village for a community of fishermen. Its coastal location made it vulnerable to plunderers and flooding. The village had to be rebuilt from time to time. Eventually the city slowly progressed into a sea-side resort. As early as the 18th century, people from Bruges frequent the beaches in this scenic town. And by the 19th century, hotels were built to accommodate the growing number of tourists. Among the guests who have relaxed along its shores is the German Kaiser who was said to have arrived in 1871 for a vacation after a war versus France. Today, the once small village is a bustling city with seaside resorts to accommodate a steady stream of backpackers who wanted a taste of leisure on the Belgian coast. Blankenberge is divided into two sections: the city proper and the coastal area. In both these parts travelers can chose from a wide array of things to do. In the bustling sea side, activities are not limited to water sports. Foodies and shopaholics can choose from several restaurants and boutiques. Modern amusement centers like the casino cater to customers who might want to test their luck. There are also discos and clubs for young adults looking for venues to dance, drink and interact with fellow tourists or with the locals. In general, the sea side area has a fun, inviting and friendly vibe. Families, group of friends, or lone travelers can relax and have fun as they will never run out of activities to do. In the city proper, more shopping stalls can be visited by shoppers. Fans of art, architecture, and historical events will find that historical sites and museums also abound in this area. Since Blankenberge is a coastal town, it is not surprising to find museums dedicated to aquatic life. Sporty individuals might want to try cycling within the city, hiking on the countryside or golfing on the dunes. A reminder for young people who are eager to have booze: In Belgium, teens aged 16 can buy beer or wine. 18 is the legal age to be able to buy liquor. Storeowners usually ask young people for proper identification before selling the drink. Driving under influence is considered a crime and perpetrators are charged with a heavy fine. The drivers are also banned from driving for a certain period.