Brussels Attractions Guide

Here is a list of the most recommendable places to visit while you are in the very beautiful city of Brussels. 1. St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral (Cathédrale des Sts. Michel and Gudule) was first constructed in 1226, but was only completed about 300 years later. This ancient monument stands as a reflection of multiple architectural styles and décor, from: Romanesque, to Gothic and to Renaissance. This is a wonderful place to visit if you are into architectural, historical, religious or any kind of walking tours for that matter. The twin peaked cathedral is situated between the Lower Town and Upper Town area and can be reached by a bus ride from anywhere near Treurenberg Hill and a short hike to the site. 2. Theater Royal and Opera House has always been Belgium’s leading opera house and also has one of the most noteworthy production histories in the known world. It is located at Place de la Monnaie and still showcases ballets, concertos and stage plays. Check local listings for production offerings. 3. Comic Museum (formally known as the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art) showcases the colorful history of Belgian comics. It includes everything from rare copies of art, to toys crafted in the likeness of popular characters or scenes from the numerous comic strips, to life sized statues decorating the hallways. The Comic Museum is located at Rue des Sables. If you are indeed a Belgian comic enthusiast, then a good place to visit after the Comic Museum is the Tintin Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve. Here, the extensive works of artist Hergé (Georges Remi) are exhibited and the museum collection includes the evolution of the much loved comic strip characters Tintin and his equally famous dog, Snowy. 4. Place St. Gery literally comes alive after sundown. This is the best place to just sit back for a quiet dinner with friends. A great number of eating establishments can be found here that offer local and international cuisine. The streets in and around St. Gery also house trendy bars and dance clubs, which is perfect if you want to party the night away. 5. For shopaholics, the best places to hit are: Galerie Agora (Agoragelrij,) City2, and St. Hubert Galeries (Sint-Hubertusgalerijen.) These are very chic places to splurge your money in. For the traveler with tighter purse strings though, Boutique 114, Garu Du Midi Market, Idiz Bogam, Pêle Mêle and the Place Jordan Market are the places to be. Aside from the very budget friendly prices, these are the shops / areas that sell one-of-a-kind and homemade goods. 6. Food shopping is also en vogue in Brussels as well. Therefore, places like A.M. Sweet, Beermania, Corné Port Royal, Dandoy, Exotic Food and Gare Du Midi Market should be on everyone’s itinerary as well. However, a trip to Brussels is never complete without a hearty stopover at a chocolate shop or two. The most popular one is Leonidas (franchises can be found all over the city,) but for people who want a bit more than just conventional chocolate, you can try: Chocopolis, De Sadeleer Lucas Chocolaterie, Ma Chocolaterie, Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini - Sablon, and Wittamer Chocolates and Cakes. However, if you want to grab a bite of some chocolate goodies without spending all that dough, it is recommended that you sign up for chocolate tasting tours instead. Not only do you get to sample the best cocoa-based products, you can even walk away with goody bags from merchants and sellers.