Cannes Attractions Guide

Places to Go to In Cannes: 1. Old Town – The narrow winding streets are filled with stores and restaurants, with the castle up top providing an excellent view of the whole town. This is a unique historical site for those wishing to get a glimpse of the old Cannes. 2. Palais des Festivals – This is where celebrities gather for the famous Cannes Film Festival. During a certain time in May, this place becomes the hottest place for all the stars of the world. The 22 steps leading up to the entrance is a very nice place to take pictures in as well. 3. La Croisette – The catwalk of Cannes in the seaside. This is the center of the tourist activity in Cannes, known for its luxury hotels and boutiques catering to both the thrifty and the luxurious. 4. The Beaches of Cannes – Seaside cities are not complete without beaches. The public beaches are found at the far east and west of the city. Though beautiful, they are usually crowded. Quieter beaches can be found in the Îles de Lérins. 5. Îles de Lérins – Two islands in the bay of Cannes named Ste Honorat and Ste Marguerite. Ste Honorat has a castle and a monastery, while Ste Marguerite is the bigger island also with a castle, and other establishments such as bars and restaurants. All these aside from the beautiful private beaches, of course. Though Cannes is most famous for its yearly Film Festival during May, the city is still a beautiful place to visit in any other month. Boasting both luxury and culture, Cannes is a tourist hotspot which caters to so many different types of people. It’s a seaside city which offers much more than just the usual tastes and sights.