Cannes City Guide

Cannes started out as a small fishing village on the French coast, with only fishermen living on the shore and living a simple life. Now, it is a glamorous seaside town with luxuries abound, and a popular social hub in Europe. It is most popular for its hosting of the Cannes Film Festival during May, where celebrities walk up and down the steps of the Palais des Festivals at the end of La Croisette. However, that is not the only thing that’s going on for Cannes, as it caters to all types of tourists, and all kinds of budgets as well. There are a variety of ways to get into the beautiful city of Cannes. Most tourists will arrive in the nearby city of Nice, in the Nice International Airport. From there, there are a number of options to get to Cannes. Fastest, but most expensive, would be by taxi into Cannes. There is also an Express Coach, a half-hourly service which takes tourists to the Cannes Centre. The cheapest is the TAM 200 bus, but that takes up to two hours long to finally get into the city. However, the cheap fare attracts so many travellers even if it stops after every few hundred meters and you might be standing through the whole trip. Once you’re in Cannes, there are several ways to get around as well. Most would prefer to walk for short distances, as that gives you the chance to stumble upon hidden treasures you would otherwise not see when in the bus or car. The bus transit system is efficient in Cannes, with all the places accessible through the bus system. You can purchase the tickets on the bus itself or on bus stations, where you could buy multiple ride tickets at reduced rates. As for the taxis, as in any busy city, they are expensive and would cost you a pretty penny especially during rush hour. Parking for your cars, on the other hand, is easy. Off street parking garages are recommended as they are easier to park in than finding an open parking space on the street, and these garages are much safer as well. One of the biggest attractions in Cannes, being a seaside destination, is yacht sailing. Yachting companies offer everything from the barest yachts to the most luxurious, offering sailing trips in the lovely waters around Cannes or to nearby islands which you could think of going to, such as Monaco. Imagine having a yacht all to yourself, with food and beverages to keep you busy as you take in the breathtaking sight of the sea. Cannes is also world renowned for the luxury boutiques and designer fashion present in the city. Fashion buffs will surely have a great time in Cannes because all the shops are concentrated in one area in La Croisette and rue d'Antibes which is all accessible by foot. There is also a smattering of high-class restaurants in this area for a fine dining experience. Also in the area are shops for tourists with less budget for shopping – so yes, you can get your shopping fix in this area without getting tired from walking. You can spend all your valuable energy on shopping. Finding a hotel in Cannes is easy as well. Hotels are bountiful, with price ranges from the thrifty to the extravagant catering to different types of tourists. There are also some private apartments for rent, rented out to tourists who prefer a more home feel than what the hotels provide. All of them are accessible to the main thoroughfares, so that you can resume your Cannes experience easily after getting a good night’s rest. Restaurants are everywhere in Cannes. There are so many restaurants, each with different styles and cuisine, that your dining experience in Cannes will surely be complete. Being a seaside city, it is not surprising that their best cuisine is based on seafood. Restaurants near the shore allow you to eat with the sounds of the sea flowing through your ears. One of the best places to eat in Cannes is in the rue Meynadier, which is in Le Suquet, and in the backstreets of the Rue de Antibes, where you can enjoy the view of the old-fashioned part of the city while dining.