Nice City Guide

Nice – a large city in France, along the French Riviera. True to its name, Nice (pronounced like the English “niece,” by the way) is a nice vacation spot for tourists wishing for a European getaway. As a port city, it caters to all types of tourists, they be young or old. The most popular parts of Nice are the beautiful view from the Promenade des Anglais and its famous waterfront, breathtaking destinations in this very diverse city. Nice was once part of the Italian Duchy of Savoia, and then the Kingdom of Sardinia. In 1860, it was ceded to France. The ancient local language is Nissart, but of course these days everyone speaks French. One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone speaks English well in the city – most likely, you would at least have to know basic conversational French to get around easily without any hassles. Within Nice is the Nice International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the whole of France. The airport has frequent direct flights to Paris and most other major European city, and flights to the United States, Africa, and the Middle East as well. It is located on the western area of Nice, and you can get to the main city through a number of different ways. The most convenient way would be through the airport express buses. These buses take you directly to either Central Nice or the Nice Train Station. There is also a station near the airport, Nice St. Augustin. Some hotels also offer shuttle services from the airport to the hotel, and if you book in advance, these services might be available to you for yopur convenience. Once inside the city, the local bus network (called the “Lignes d’Azur”) has more than 100 routes to get around Nice. The city is also part of an inter-urban network called the TAM (Transport Alpes-Maritimes), which connects all the major cities and villages along the Eastern French Riviera, for those who would want to visit more than just Nice. There is a guided tour in Nice called the Nice Cycle Tours. As can be understood from the name, these tours take you on guided bicycle tours throughout all the historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks of Nice. The 3 hour tour gives you a glimpse of the whole of Nice, giving you an overview of which places you’d visit next. As for the food scene, there is a variety of local specialties which are definitely worth trying out. There is the Socca, a chickpea flat bread, and the Pan Bagnat, a tuna fish sandwich. There is also the Soupe de Poisson (fish soup which is made with chilli, onions, and cheese), Salade Nicoise (tuna salad), and Tourtes aux Blettes (sweet tarts made with cabbage, raisins, nuts, and powdered sugar). There is an abundance of accommodation places in Nice, from youth hostels to luxury hotels. You have to keep in mind that the hotels near the Nice International Airport are far away from central Nice, so it would be better to get accommodations within the city so you can resume your Nice vacation right away after a good night’s rest. Designer fashion boutiques are strewed all over Nice for those willing to splurge on fashion. For those looking for bargain fashion, the place to go to is Ventimiglia's open street market which is held every Friday. Just beware of the counterfeit luxury brand products, which the French police take very seriously. Innocent tourists are often fined big money when found with such counterfeit products.