Saint-Malo Attractions Guide

The main tourist attraction of the town is, of course, the Old City itself. Sites of interest include: The Saint Malo castle, which houses the Municipal Museum; the castle’s four towers provide beautiful views of the town. The city’s ramparts, some of which date back to the 12th century and were rebuilt in the seventeenth. Tourists walking along their 2km (1.5 mile) stretch can look out over Saint Malo while also enjoying a magnificent view of the bay and its islets. St. Vincent’s Cathedral, where visitors can admire the church’s stained glass windows and look at the mosaic on the floor that marks the spot where, in 1535, Jacques Cartier was blessed before embarking on his journey of discovery. Solidor Tower in St. Servan, a building constructed in the 14th century which is now home to a collection of relics that trace the history of voyages around Cape Horn. The collection includes nautical instruments, objects brought back by sailors from their foreign ports of call and scale models of ships. La Demeure de Corsaire (The Privateer’s House) is a town house built in 1725 by a wealthy ship-owner, and which is now a museum of objects from the history of the corsairs, including ship models and weapons. The Great Aquarium of St. Malo, which is one of France’s major aquariums, attracts 360,000 visitors a year. It houses 11,000 marine animals from 600 different species and covers 4,000 square meters. Visitors can take a journey in a small submarine, the Nautibus, or take in the touch pool, where they can touch some species including sea stars, spiders and rays. An hour by bus from St. Melo proper, visitors can go to the islet of Mont Saint-Michel, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The islet, which is home to a Benedictine Abbey constructed between the 11th and 16th centuries, is an important European pilgrimage site. Finally, there are the beach resorts, the most popular of which are Mole, Bon Secours and Sillon. Sillon is a favored spot for high-powered water sports while Bon Secours has a yacht club and a large saltwater pool.