Strasbourg Attractions Guide

Attractions Strasbourg can be explored for days and one will not end of discovering new beauties. Among the many attractions it has, here are the five that you should not dare miss: 1. Strasbourg Cathedral – This cathedral is one of the most magnificent exemplar of gothic architecture. It is the highest medieval structure in Europe with a height of 142 meters. The façade is made of pink sandstone and is in every inch unique and amazing. Inside, intricate carvings are everywhere. At 12:30 P.M. daily, visitors can witness the 1800s astrological clock with its show. Admission is free. 2. La Petite France – This is one of the most famous neighborhoods in France. It is popular for its streets over the Ill River where people can stroll and delight in the inviting aromas of freshly baked gingerbreads and other foods being cooked in the nearby restaurants. It is picturesque and perfectly resembles those towns in the fairy tales where neighborhood is by the riverfront with timbered buildings accentuated with flower boxes of all colors 3. Ponts Couverts – These are footbridges and towers located at the end of Petite France. They are composed of three thirteenth century towers. 4. Quartier Allemand – Meaning German District. This is the spot where neoclassical German architecture is showcased. At the heart of this district is a huge square centered on a wooded park called the Place de la Republique. 5. Place Kleber – a busy square lined with popular shops where people can shop till they drop. Transportation Touring the city can be done in different ways. Different modes of transportation can be taken depending on the needs and wants of a tourist. 1. On foot – The tourist office of the city has a program dubbed “the Strasbourg Stroll”. There are theme plans and travel guides who were trained professionally to make sure that tourists do not miss any historic piece in their trip. 2. By boat – If one would like to go a little more ancient and romantic, sightseeing by boat along the Ill River is a great choice. One can take a ride from Strasbourg Port Autonome where there is a big glass-top boat leaving every 30 minutes (from 9:30 A.M. till 9:00 P.M.) every day. The boat ride lasts for an hour and a half. Illuminated night trips are also available between May and September. 3. By train – April till November is the perfect time to have a lovely tour around the city by little tourist trains. The guides speak English, Italian, Spanish, and German and there is no reason why you will not enjoy every bit of your trip. The train runs from Place de Chateau every day. 4. By car – Convertible cars are also available in Place de Chateau and are equipped with multilingual drivers and guides. If one is in the mood to drive around and feel the wind on his skin as the car speeds off, then this is a perfect choice. 5. By taxi – Some cabs offer an hour tour around the city for a reasonable price and they are available round the clock. From a military camp to a friendly city filled with splendor and charm, Strasbourg is definitely an ultimate European city. It is the melting pot of German and French influences. However long and frequent it was owned and disowned, the city has emerged to be one of its kind and there’s nowhere else one can find such a perfect place of harmony.