Toulouse Attractions Guide

Top Ten Hot Spots 1. Canal du Midi – This 240-km long canal was originally built to serve as a shortcut between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. It was designed in 1667 and took 12,000 workers and a decade to complete it. These days, walkers and cyclists alike take pleasure in threading through its banks. 2. Saint-Sernin Basilica – A perfect exemplar of 11th and 12th century Roman styling. This is the resting place of the city’s first bishop, who reigned in the third century. 3. Place du Capitole – This is a huge city square filled with cafes and brasseries or small taverns that serve beer and hearty foods. This is one of the most popular spots in the city to meet and cap the day. This is also where Le Theatre du Capitole or the city’s opera house is. 4. Eglise des Jacobins – Located just west of Place du Capitole. This gothic church of the Jacobins is built with bricks. One side of it has a grand tower built for St. Sernin. In 1974, the remains of Saint Thomas Aquinas were deposited here. 5. Cite de I’Espace – This is an astronomical museum that has a planetarium. Exhibits include the MIR space station, the Soyuz (a spacecraft designed for the Soviet Space Program), and a replica of Ariane 5 (a European expendable launch system). 6. Les Abattoirs – This is a contemporary art museum with over 2,000 extraordinary works. The main displays are photographs, paintings, graphic works, and some sculptures. 7. Foundation Bemberg – Housed in the Renaissance-style Hotel d’Assezat, lies the personal collection of George Bemberg, an art-lover and bibliographer. Paintings, bronze sculptures, and other items that date back as far as 17th century are exhibited here. 8. Musee des Augustins -- Located in a former monastery of Augustinians, this museum has a large, priceless collection of medieval sculptures, pictures, and sculpture from the early Christian sarcophagi. 9. Hotel Resseguier – This was built in the 17th century and is now transformed as a department store called the Nouvelles Galeries. Far from your usual department store, the exterior of this building has stone and brick designs that many photographers can not help but capture. The top floor is a cafe that presents a breath-taking view of the city. 10. Planete Jeux – This is an interactive game place designed for young people. Parents who want to bond with their kids usually go here. On the first floor, more than 80 interactive video games like ski, formula 1 and jet simulators are available. They offer supervised workshops so visitors would know what to do and make sure that kids are safe. Having two millennia of history behind it, the city of Toulouse naturally boasts of architectural riches. But appreciating building designs are not the only things you can do here. Shopping and gaming opportunities are also available and visitors can enjoy them in different venues. This city had been through a lot and is now soaring, relishing the independence it worked hard for. Anyway, whether one is up for some time travel in the past or simply indulge in the excitement of the present, the city of Toulouse can fly you to both.