Berlin City Guide

Berlin’s charms attract curious tourists from all over the globe to come, explore and immerse in its vibrant, hedonistic lifestyle. Until today, the words of Frederick the Great is the guiding principle for a Berliner: “Live and let live”. The city also has the most active night life, with several bars catering for all customers. Berlin was able to be at the forefront of almost every aspect of life: arts, fashion, science, technology. Berlin is a place where being well-rounded is encouraged. It is not surprising to find people in this city engaged in discussions about anything from food to world affairs. Travelling to Berlin only requires that you take the plunge and enjoy. Unleash your inhibitions and grab the opportunity to take part in its revelry. Going around Berlin will have you riding trains, trams and buses. The city transport system is governed by these public vehicles. Included in the system are subways (U-Bahn), the light rail transits (S-Bahn) and ferries. The BVG is the major transport operator of the city. They man an information booth along the Zoo station from six in the morning to ten in the evening. Eager to help locals and tourists alike, the staff also gives maps for free. Check out the travel center (Reisezentrum) located in all train stations for more information on connecting trains and travel routes. Wondering when is the best time to visit Berlin? Well, the weather is generally cool and humid for most part of the year. The coldest time would be around the months of December to February. During this period, chilling winds from Russia pay a short visit to the town amidst clear skies. Summer is interesting. The sun rarely burns the skin as the temperature reaches its peak at 25 degrees Celsius. Enjoy a snack while sipping a hot drink from one of the outdoor cafés and watch leaves play under the rays of sunshine as autumn sets in. It is best to watch it from front row seats as outdoor cafés stay open until October. Colors and hues change as this season arrives. Overall, the city’s climate allows a comfortable travel anytime of the year. Whether you like shopping, visiting museums, admiring architectural sights or clubbing, in Berlin there is always a place for you. Feeling artsy? Wanting to experience a bit of culture? Perhaps a visit to opera houses and theaters will satisfy your cultural craving. The Deutsche Oper Berlin is the largest opera house in the city. It is presently governed by Kirsten Harms, the first female head of the place. Quality performances have sustained the large numbers of attendance. Visit the Babylon Mitte for an entertaining night of silent-film selections. The place is also a popular venue for concerts and on-mic readings. Craving for a chocolate snack? Head to Kakao for quick bite from decadent treats. The place is packed on Sundays in the afternoon. So make sure you line up early.