Dresden Attractions Guide

Must-See Tourism Places If you happen to be in Dresden, don’t waste the trip by not going to these magnificent places: 1. Semperoper. This opera house is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. This is a worthwhile place that a visitor should not miss. There you will witness the greatness of the Staatskapelle, their very well-known orchestra and acoustics. 2. Zwinger Palace. This palace is really notable for it features numerous sculptures of Persomer, nympheum, artistic art collections, and bell pavilion. The popular Madonna Sistina of Rafael can be found at its “Alte Meister”. Aside from that, the great museum known as Rustkammer is also inside Zwinger Palace. Visits there are definitely free so there is no reason why a tourist will leave Dresden without seeing this. 3. Frauenkiche. This is a beautiful Church of our Lady that was unfortunately destroyed during the late World War II. This was raised by Luftwaffe during the war, the one who donated the famous golden cross, which is the most popular scene inside the church. Ruins in the basement of the church are preserved for historical purposes. Just remember to bring a good pair of shoes for you to be able to climb the church’s tower. 4. Albertinum Museum. This is also one remarkable museum in Dresden. This is where magnificent painting collection of romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich and Rotloff are housed. 5. Furstenzug. This is a very romantic place a couple can visit on Christmas holidays for this place is only open during the winter. It highlights a huge porcelain painting, which is the biggest of its kind in the world. It also shows the Saxon kings and princesses right on the back of their horses and fine parade uniforms. 6. Glaserne Manufaktur. Usually known as a place of luxury, this is where the deluxe sedan Phaeton of Volkswagen was built. 7. Schloss und Grunes Gewolbe. This is definitely Europe’s finest museum. This place is where the biggest green diamond and precious crown jewels in the court of Aurengzeb are seeking shelter. 8. Dresden Neustadt. This is an exclusive yet lively part of the city in where one can get a lot of pretty good memories. This is one place that still exhibits a lot of older ways of living. Every June, the popular Bunte Republik Neustadt is celebrated. This is one good catch for every tourist walking in the streets of Dresden during the month. 9. Großer Garten. Looking for a place for sports and relaxation? This big garden will offer both to you. This is where you can still witness the greenness of nature. Aside from that, this place is real accessible as you can get inside the park by a tram or a mini train. 10. Kunsthofpassage. A passage right at the middle of Neustadt, you can enjoy two different buildings here that hide a number of stores and bars. What is heartwarming to know about Dresden is aside from the wonders it hides, it also houses a lot of great places where one can dine. Their kitchen is full of delectable cuisines including the sour roast, Christmas stolen, and potato soup. With all these facts, Dresden deserves to be called the best place next to your home.


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