Dresden City Guide

Who could ever resist what the capital of Saxony, which is Dresden, has to offer? If you are traveling the beautiful and light-spirited Germany, visiting this city should be on top of the list. Everything in this city is perfectly remarkable. In fact, Dresden can remind you nothing but royalty and elegance. This is why people find themselves intentionally visiting this place with the silent hope of not going back home anymore. Indeed, this is a perfect place to live and spend the rest of your life in. Dresden is one of the most known cities in Germany. It is perfectly situated along the famous Elbe River, a home to many kings and princes. More known as “Elbflorenz,” meaning Florence of the Elbe, the city lies between other famous places in Germany—Berlin and Prague. In terms of the climate, it has a usual cold-moderate one but there are times that it becomes continental. During summer, the temperature is only around 20 degree Celsius during the night. Historical Background The history of Dresden is evident with its people, culture, establishments, and landmarks. As it was written, Dresden’s growth back in the early times was linked with the Germanic peoples’ eastward expansion. During the 12th century, the historic alluvial dwellers richly developed a bank near the river. Lately, at 1350, it became known as the “Antiqua Dresdin.” After some time, the name became Altendresaden. Going back in 1270, the place became the capital of Margravate. It was in 1319 that the capital was restored by the Wettin Dynasty. Tourism industry started early in Dresden’s modern age history. Through the great King Frederick Augustus of Poland, the city had emerged early in regards to technology and art. The king gathered numerous great artists like musicians, painters, and architects in the whole Europe. Greatly, these artists left Dresden with remarkable silhouettes making it really attractive to tourists of any race. Tourism and Entertainment Tourists consider Dresden as a paradise, a place to get most attraction and self fulfillment. Undeniably, this is the reason why this capital city is a home to 10 million German and foreign tourists yearly. Most of the foreign visitors are from Chinese and American descent. Another thing about Dresden’s places is that all can be easily accessible by everybody. Any mode of transportation will do, be it bus, plane, train, car, bicycle, and even cabs. With total convenience, everyone can enjoy the city’s good ambiance, rich culture, amazing architectures, and memorable events. Dresden gets more people due to the abundance of possible entertainments within the locality. Historical landmarks and cultural centers across the city are hosts to dozens of activities. In fact, Dresden is almost home to a lot of large events in the whole of Europe. Aside from this, its shopping district will definitely catch the attention of shopaholics. From Ferdinandplatz to the west of Sankt-Petersburger Strafe, every entertainment need is offered to all people from restaurants, books, clothes, souvenirs, shoes, and a whole lot more of great deals.