Frankfurt Attractions Guide

Some of the best attractions in Frankfurt include: 1. The Alt Sachsenhausen district. This area is situated between Dreiechstrasse and Brückenstrasse, and houses the best traditional bars in the region. Known locally as the Kneipen, these bars are very laid back and usually only serve locally made brews and wines. On the other hand, if you would rather have a livelier atmosphere to be in, some of the best bars and dance clubs can be found within (or just beyond) the premises of the larger hotels and lodging establishments. 2. The shopping district. Naturally enough, you would want to visit a few shops and stalls in Frankfurt. The most popular shopping centers include: Main-Taunus-Zentrum, Nordwest Zentrum and Zeil. Some of the goods here can be very exclusive and therefore, a bit pricier than normal. Fortunately, there are more reasonably priced and unique items sold at Berger Strass and Oeder Weg. 3. The “Eating Road.” Also known as the Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse, this is one area of Frankfurt where the streets are literally lined with cafés, delicatessen and restaurants that offer everything from traditional German dishes, to international cuisine, and even a bit of the exotic. The Eating Road is an ideal place to stop over after a bout of shopping. You could also include this place in your shopping itinerary since there are some goods here (like cakes, chocolates and delicacies) that you might want to take home with you. 4. The Messe Frankfurt. This is one of the largest exhibition centers in the world and is often hosting one or more trade fairs during the year. Two of the most popular fairs are of course the Frankfurt Buchmesse (Book Fair) and the Internationale Automobil-Aussetellung (Frankfurt Motor Show.) Tickets to the fairs are usually sold months in advance. 5. The Museumsufer. The city has a very impressive list of museums you could go to. The key to getting a good tour without wearing yourself down is to find an establishment that caters to your interest. As such, Frankfurt’s museum roster includes the: Archeological Museum, German Architecture Museum, German Film Museum, German Leather Museum, Jewish Museum, Liebieghaus (houses sculptures and statues,) Museum of Applied Arts, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Regional Historic Art and Culture, Museum of World Cultures, and Städel Museum (art museum)… just to name a few. 6. Frankfurt Zoo, Grüneburgpark and Palmengarten. Frankfurt zoo is located at Alfred-Brehm-Platz 16, and is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon with the kids. Not only are there exotic animals to be seen, but the gardens here are well kept and very easy on the eyes as well. Grüneburgpark is the city’s largest public park, and probably one of the most visited public areas this side of town. Joggers congregate here in the morning while a good number of sunbathers and picnickers arrive in the afternoon. Palmengarten or palm garden is a collection of botanical garden situated at Siesmayerstraat near subway U4. Tours are available daily but you could also book tickets for special events and exhibitions in advance.


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