Hamburg Attractions Guide

A preview of some of the popular attractions in Hamburg . 1. Tierpark Hagenbeck – About 2500 animals consider this area a habitat. Although it might be convenient to refer to this place as a zoo, citizens of Hamburg prefer to consider it more as a sanctuary. Animals are not constricted in each of their enclosures. Botanical Gardens and an exhibit of ocean creatures are added attractions in this popular site. Tierpark Hagenbeck is open each day of the week. Operating hours however may vary depending on the season. 2. Michaeliskirche – also known as the St. Michael’s Church built from 1750 to 1762 by E. G. Sonnin; This Baroque inspired structure is a popular landmark and an established icon of Hamburg. 3. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe – the Museum of Art and Industry is second to Munich’s Bavarian National Museum in terms of its vast collection of artifacts depicting Asian and European applied art. Old coins, textiles and vessels made from gold, silver and bronze are some of the pieces that you will find here. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Operating hours are from 10am to 6pm. 4. Hafen – also known as the infamous Port of Hamburg. This the dropping point of most goods. Take one of the harbor boats as you go navigate within its vicinity. 5. Kunsthalle – This gallery is located at the eastern part of the Ballindamm. Since its construction, it has been home to works created by artists like Meister Francke, Phillip Otto Runge and other European masters. This place is also a venue for holding art exhibits. The gallery is closed every Monday. Operating hours are from 10am to 6pm. 6. Altonaer Museum – A museum dedicated to the preservation of Altona district’s cultural history. Its exhibits provide evidences of the native culture as well as the influences that shaped the evolution of the region. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 11am to 6pm. 7. Vierlande und Marschlande – It is a natural wonder situated between the Elbe and geest. Its distance is about ten to fifteen kilometers from the southeastern part of Hamburg. To get there, ride buses or connecting trains. 8. Reeperbahn – the famed red light district of Hamburg; It was an area where rope-makers reside that eventually became an entertainment hub. Bars, clubs, striptease joints lined its streets and attracted anyone who might want a bit of fun. With the threat of AIDS lurking around, entertainment establishments are slowly being replaced by discos or arcades. While there is possibility of robbed or abused within this district, the efficiency of the police response keeps the crime rate low. 9. Fischmrkt – Crooners calling out to customers to purchase their produce; trucks of veggies, fruits, fish, meat; vendors carefully arranging their merchandise, all these describe a typical scenario in Fischmrkt. Its lively scene basically defines life in Hamburg. 10. Passagen – with the addition of pedestrian zones within this area, malls and entertainment establishments, and restaurants have popped out within the vicinity. This area is now perfect for strolling as well as for shopping and food tripping.


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