Hannover City Guide

If you are one of the many looking for a perfect place for a vacation, then why not go to Hannover? This city will undoubtedly give you a full package of memorable getaway from interesting sights to lively entertainment. Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony and Hannover Region, is a tourism-rich city in Germany. It is merely populated by around 522,000 people. It is a major city located at Northern Germany’s very center and lies beside the River Leine. Add into that, this city has large green areas, forests, and parks that host most of the city’s beautiful places for both locals and tourists alike. Historically, Hannover was founded back in the medieval times on the south riverbanks of Leine. Hannover’s name was derived from the original “Hanovere,” which literally means high banks. It is a small village then inhabited by fishermen and ferrymen. Lately, during the 14th century, many big churches, city halls, and three town gates were built at the bottom of the city. Moreover, the city had made a special relation to the late artist Niki de Saint Phalle who had made many impressive jobs in different public spots in Hannover. Those works of arts became the reason for Hannover o be known for its excellent public sites and services. Tourism Details Unlike other German cities, Hannover is not rich in historical architecture for it was hardly hit during the war. Despite this, the tourism in the city is still remarkable merely because of a lot of great entertainment and modern sceneries housed there. Among these are quality nightlife, museums, and cuisine. The city can proudly entertain tourists on whatever season it may be for they hold surprising events even during winter, summer, fall, or spring. But obviously, the city could still be best visited during the summer because most of the entertainment beauties in Hannover are hosted during this particular season. Definitely, people define the city as a vibrant one. Interesting places are scattered on all corners of the city. Wherever a tourist is going in Hannover, it is a sure shot that he or she will have the most fun. During the day, museums and parks will entertain you while you can enjoy the beer gardens for your night life in the city. Mostly, the city holds different drinking festivals at night. Another great entertainment here in the city is the shopping experience it can provide tourists like you. The central station has a large supermarket called Lidl, the only supermarket that is open during Sundays. There is also a huge mall called Ernst August Gallerie. In addition to the exciting tourist destinations, places inside the city are very much accessible by any mode of transportation. You can reach any place through bicycle, cab, or even by foot. Planes, cars, trains, and buses are also available for your convenience. Indeed, Hannover is one place to offer you nothing but sensible deals. You will surely find entertainment, good memories, experiences, and convenience. Nothing more you can ever wish for a perfect vacation.